How To Replace Your Child’s Lost Birth Certificate

18 Jan

We have another very useful and practical post for parents of young children – we hope you find it useful.

first UK passport






Between widespread flooding, moving house and carefully selected “safe places”, we all manage to lose important documents every once in a while. Thankfully, in the modern world we are lucky enough to almost always be able to get replacements.

When your child is born, you will be issued a short version of the child’s birth certificate containing the child’s name, sex and date of birth – free of charge. To get a full birth certificate you will need to apply and make a one-off payment to the government or independent body.

What information do you need to apply?

To get a copy of a birth certificate, you will need the following key information:

  • the name of person that the certificate is for,
  • the date of the birth,
  • the place of the birth and
  • the names of the parents (as they would appear on the birth certificate).

 You need a birth certificate to apply for your child’s first British passport

child's first UK passport






Even a document as important as a birth certificate can be replaced. But why would you need a copy of your child’s birth certificate?

The most common times when you’ll need a birth certificate are when applying for your child’s first British passport to prove eligibility by birth or when enrolling your child in school. Later in life, your child will need their birth certificate in order to get married or civil partnered.

 What is the fastest way to get a birth certificate?

If you are willing to wait up to fifteen days for the birth certificate then you can order a birth certificate through the UK government. They advise that you should allow for five working days from application for the birth certificate to be dispatched and at least 10 working days for the return of a certificate by post.

However, there are independent specialist agencies, such as Simply Certificate that can help you to get it faster. Depending on the speed at which you need the birth certificate, you can pay to have the certificate in your hands within three days.

This is most useful when you are looking to travel and need to get a passport application in quickly. The service can be used for multiple certificates at once, such as marriage and death certificates too if needed.

 Independent agents use ancestry records to find your certificates faster

While the government has to allow time for workers to gather your information and match them to your records, independent agencies are able to find your documents quicker using your unique ID number.

Everyone’s records are listed in publicly accessible (for a fee) ancestry records. This fee may be an expense you want to avoid paying if you aren’t planning to order multiple certificates.

As independent agencies already have accounts connected with the ancestry sites, they can narrow their search, provide that number to the government body during the application process and therefore get your child’s birth certificate to your faster.

There are a range of cost available depending on how soon you want to get your child’s birth certificate and the process is simple from start to finish. The only times that delays occur is when there is inaccurate information. While a governing body would charge for the mistakes, an independent agency will find the mistakes, liaise with your directly and fix it without wasting precious time going back and forth.



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