New mums over the holiday period: Festive for others, but what if you feel like a party pooper?

17 Dec

It isn’t always easy being a new mum. You’ve been through a big life change. Everyone else is feeling festive. But what if you aren’t?

celebrating christmas as a new mum







Top 10 things you may struggle with during the Christmas season with a new baby:

1) Alcohol. It is not always easy saying no to offers of cocktails or deciding how to navigate the lovely bubbly being passed around when breastfeeding or looking after a new little arrival. Is it okay to ‘pump and dump’? Should you have a small glass before or after feeding? Here’s some helpful info: Breastfeeding and alcohol

2) Who can have a cuddle and how often. Everyone will want to hold your baby, but does that mean you have to just pass him around like a hot potato? Can you say no? What if your in-laws are pushy? Always your choice, don’t be pressured into giving cuddles when you don’t feel that it is a good time.

3) What to wear. After you have a baby, you may not want to squeeze into a sparkly top or a dress of any description. Maybe a Bibee dress will suit…perfect for post-pregnancy, breastfeeding and that period when you still can’t fit into your ‘normal’ clothes.

4) Baby’s naptime. Do you bring a travel cot or let the baby sleep in arms? Should you be strict or loosen up and get back on track after the holidays? Tough calls, not always the easiest to figure out but try to go with the flow.

5) Presents. Do you focus on the new baby or do you recognise that they are too small to realise anything about presents. Is it your turn to feel pampered or is it all about the baby now? Is it time to save now that you have a little one or are you in a giving mood?

christmas new mum festive






6) Home or out? Which will be easier – entertaining at yours with a newborn or bringing the baby to another location without all of your essentials nearby? Either way you can make it work, just try not to overdo it no matter where you go.

7) Breastfeeding. A hot topic of contention (see link here), should you feed with everyone around, cover up or take cover and feed in a corner (we of course are NOT suggesting this!!)? What will you feel most comfortable doing…remember, it is up to YOU!

8) Christmas dinner. What if your baby needs you in the middle of dinner? How are you going to enjoy the festivities now that you have someone dependant on every move you make? Your baby may need to feed in the middle of dinner, timing of a newborn is always unpredictable!

9) Not getting on with in-laws. You might feel only like being with your own family on Christmas when you’ve had a new baby. Your in-laws may be upsetting you without realising, or it may feel like you are getting unsolicited advice. Go with what feels right and explain your feelings if necessary.

10) Feeling hormonal. Your mood might still be up and down, and enjoying it all might be too big a task. If you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to your partner, and take a break from the festivities if you need to.

How do you think you’ll cope during the holidays with a new baby? Any advice from mums who have been there?

We’d like to wish all of our readers a happy and healthy Holiday Season and a happy New Year!! 


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