Things you swore you’d never do as a new mum

19 Oct

There are endless blog posts on habits you’ve formed as a mum that you swore you’d never do….they usually revolve around letting your child watch copious amounts of television, using sweets as bribery and giving in to almighty tantrums. However, before we reach the stage of selling our soul by bowing to the whims of screaming toddlers, we have babies that need to sleep, feed, wean and be looked after. So here you will find the coping mechanisms that new mums utilise that were never on the agenda.

Top 8 things you thought you’d never do….

things you swore you'd never do as a new mum






1) Rocking baby to sleep – it was always the plan to put your baby down to sleep in that blissed out milk phase. But why is that moment so fleeting and difficult for mums to capture? You somehow find yourself now doing absolutely anything to get your baby to sleep, including driving around, swinging the car seat, pushing the pram, and of course rocking the baby until he / she falls asleep.

Why do you do this?

Because you need sleep like you’ve never needed anything before.

new mums would do anything for sleep





2) Have an epidural – you planned a natural birth under no uncertain terms. Your birth plan was explicit, you might try gas and air, your tens maching, the birthing pool but definitely no drugs.

Then why, only a few hours in, were you screaming for your anaesthetist and placing a gold medal on their coat as they left your room?

Because you never knew pain could be that bad!

3) Want to stay-at-home with your baby – your career path was written long ago. You’d take 9 months off, then back to work you’d go. You’d choose a daycare, kiss your baby goodbye and get that promotion you’d be after.

Wait, why are you crying in desperation at the thought of going back to the office?

Why will you only accept your job back if they give you part-time hours?

Because you never knew you’d be so attached to a little human that you created!!

working mum or stay-at-home mum






4) Become reliant on a dummy  – a small piece of latex, how could it be such a lifesaver? You swore that a dummy would be used sparingly or not at all. You swore that you’d never let your baby become so attached that they’d need it for sleep. You swore that you’d never run in and out of their bedroom at all hours of the night to pop it back in their mouth. Yet that is exactly what you find yourself doing!


Because that little piece of latex is your lifeline and there is no chance you’re giving it up.

5) Use pouches instead of homemade baby food – visions of rows upon rows of home-cooked food for your baby filled your mind. Lovingly created purees…interesting combinations of exotic, organic food…Annabel Karmel recipes and a baby who loved your cooking.  Hmmm.

Why do you find yourself bringing Ella’s Kitchen pouches out and about with you for every meal?

Because they are just too darn convenient!

6) Fight with your partner over who’s had less sleep and who changes more nappies – you were never going to be that couple. You were a unified front, a strong team, unbreakable, unstoppable. You’d share the responsibilities equally, down the middle and would grow stronger for it.

Then why are you fighting over ever little inconsequential, minute detail of your new life?

Because you are so tired, and you can’t keep your eyes open long enough to  be in the same room for 5 minutes!

7) Beg your mother-in-law to come over – ha! Your relationship with your mother-in-law…complicated. Too much advice you never asked for, too much mothering over her precious son, and too much distance between you and her.

Then why is she your new best friend?

Because if it means getting a break (any break) and a home-cooked meal, you will take her shoulder to cry on. Any day.

8) Continue to eat biscuits after the baby is born – your excuse is that you need to keep your energy up for breastfeeding. Your second excuse is that you will worry about losing the baby weight after 9 months. Your third excuse is that you’ve just been on the roller-coaster ride of your life, so don’t you deserve a few biscuits?


Because you can.  Go for it!

Please share if you’ve relented on something you’d swore you’d never do. Come on, we’ve all been there!!

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East Finchley mums babies

Some of our newest East Finchley group of mums


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