Why Postnatal? Why Nurturing Mums?

28 Sep

Postnatal group North London 

New mums are in a fog.

New mums are hormonal.

New mums are up and down.

They think they can do it on their own.

They think life hasn’t changed too much.

mum and baby group east finchley north london






Nurturing Mums’ groups are here for a reason. 10 good reasons:

1) Being a new mum can be lonely. Only having a small baby to be with every day is difficult. Adult interaction is a blessing, especially with other going through the same thing.

2) Our groups are friendly. We have had many groups stay friends long after their course ended. They meet up for birthdays, Christmas and other milestones. Or just to grab coffee and share their latest news.

3) Our venues are ideal. We have a great set-up. We serve coffee, tea and pastries. Just what you need to get started in the morning.

4) New mums need to get out of the house. It’s hard to get a small baby dressed. It’s hard to time feeds properly. It’s hard to know how much stuff to take with you. But, it feels great the first time you do it…and the next time and the next!

5) All of our experts are mums too. We’ve been through it. We know what it’s like. We know how tough it can be to get through the day, never mind the first few months. We are proof that you will get through it, and there is a great future at the end of it.

6) We are here to help! We will gladly hold/rock/push your baby while you listen to our expert speakers or get pampered.

7) You’ll get a lifetime of valuable tips to set you on your way to being a capable mum who enjoys her little one and will know just what to do if / when baby number 2 comes along.

8) There are tonnes of added extras! From your very own mini photo shoot to a mani or massage, you’ll get so much out of the course!

9) Your baby will develop before your very eyes! You’ll see him / her interact with their very first baby friends and react to new surroundings.

10) Sociable, relaxed and non-judgmental – we promise!


As if that wasn’t enough…we are so excited to announce our AWESOME AUTUMN offer – course now £65 only for all 6 weeks.

Book here using code AuAwOffer!!

new mum and baby east finchley



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