Contradictory feelings of a new mum

17 Sep

New mum feeling overwhelmed…yet content?!

overwhelmed new mum


vs. new mum north london classes

Having a baby…one of the most exciting times of your life, yet scary. A time when you can grapple with emotions so many times in a day you feel like the British weather. You really do feel all over the place but…very content at the same time. How is that possible?? We are here to introduce you to …

The flip-sides of motherhood

Guilt vs contentment

However hard you try, guilt will be a big part of your life from the moment you conceive. It can start with breastfeeding (or not) and can make even confident mums feel overwhelmed and despondent. Others questioning your choices, not feeling up to the job are just some of the guilty feelings you may have.

But when you have a baby, you will simultaneously feel contentment like you’ve never known. A happiness so deep, a fulfilment so strong. You may even feel that your family is complete, or you have never achieved something so monumental.  Then, of course, the guilt comes back!

motherhood guilt new mum london







Wildly unknowing vs. Instinct kicking in 

Your baby cries…is it wind? Colic? Dirty nappy? Is he ill?

Your baby won’t sleep…does she need a routine? Cuddles? Dream feed?

Just because you’ve read all of the books, doesn’t mean you have the answers! No one told you that parenting would be so hard.

Then just when you think you can’t do it…your instincts kick in.  You are a born mother, you know just what to do. This isn’t so hard, you are a natural.

But wait, now your little one has a temperature…oh no!

Ludicrously happy vs incredibly sad

The rollercoaster of hormones can wreak havoc with your feelings.

One day you love your partner, the next you want to kick him to the kerb.

One day you are so happy, you wish you had another two babies, the next day you swear you’ll never have another.

You ask yourself, is it normal to cry 10 times a day?

But then, you ask is it normal to love your baby so much?

Ready for a change yet wanting things to stay as they are

You love being on maternity leave!

No work, no commute, no office, no structure.

But wait, you are going crazy changing nappies, giving baths, feeding all hours of the night – you wish for a bit of stability.

You wish you could use your brain a bit more, but dread going back to work and leaving your baby.

You can’t make a decision, you are even driving yourself crazy!

Speeding it up vs slowing it down

This is key with small children, you want them to get to the next developmental stage, but are equally sad to see the stages pass.

Smiling, rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, talking…they are so cute!

But to never change a nappy, have some free time, have a shower in peace…oh to dream!

It’s just a phase, but do you really want them passing too quickly?

new baby north london classes east finchley






Our advice…grab onto these dual feelings and make the most of them. New motherhood only happens once – embrace it and let it go!

Join us at our next postnatal course where you will simultaneously feel unsure, yet confident. Friendly yet shy. Happy you’re part of it, but sad it will be over soon.

In anticipation of our first Autumn course, we have lowered the price to £85 – don’t miss out on north London’s most popular postnatal course!


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