Top 10 new mum disasters

3 Sep

We’ve all had our moments when things don’t go according to plan.  Add hormones, fear, worry and uncertainty into the mix and you have  a new mum facing ‘disaster’. Of course, these things get easier in time, but when these difficulties happen to you as a new mum, they certainly feel monstrous!! 

When it all goes wrong…top 10 new mum disasters:

1) Exploding nappy up the back. Yes. It will happen to you. Most likely when you have 1 or 2 wipes left and no spare nappies.

new mum disaster

2) Being vomited on. Hopefully it happens at home, when you have a change of clothes.

3) Needing a break and not having anyone to call. Hubby is back at work, you’re not coping, friends are otherwise occupied. 7 pm can’t come soon enough….

top 10 new mum disasters

4) Sneezing with week pelvic floor muscles. Who knew this would happen? Embarrassing.

5) Trying to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes too early. A bad idea.

6) First time baby has a rash, cold, fever, or anything medically related. It can be very scary for a new mum. You will most likely rush them to A & E or the GP immediately and feel inadequate for doing so!

when baby isn't well sick

7) The first time your baby gags during weaning. It always feels like they are choking.

8) Leaving the house for the first time. Baby usually needs a feed just when you are completely caught off guard, either just as you’ve left or when you are in the middle of your shop.

9) Eating out in a restaurant / travelling / shopping with a screaming baby. Why is your baby the loudest ever?

baby screaming loudly in public

10) Trying to be on time to any event as a new mum is ambitious. You will get there, it’s only a matter of time 🙂

Share your most embarrassing or difficult moments with your newborn – was it feeding related or something else entirely?


One Response to “Top 10 new mum disasters”

  1. Karen September 3, 2014 at 6:37 pm #

    Very true! Remember that all very well!

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