Babies' first illnesses…when to call the doctor!

31 Jul

What do mums do a lot of, and do well? Worry! Especially when their baby is ill; it can be extremely traumatic for a first-time mum. Babies don’t come with a first-aid manual and aren’t able to tell you what’s wrong. So how is a mum to know what is a regular illness and what needs more attention? We have some help…

North London mum and baby courses

When you have a baby, amongst the many things to get used to is frequent trips to the GP and the obligatory midnight visit to A&E!  As if there isn’t enough to worry about, you now have to learn very quickly when you need medical advice and when you can manage the situation yourself!  We shouldn’t worry about wasting a doctor’s time, but we do – motherhood brings worry.  FULL STOP!

when baby needs to see gp

Here are some really common questions we all have:

  1. Do I need to take my baby to the GP or hospital if he/she has a temperature?
  2. What is a normal temperature anyway?
  3. What is this rash?!
  4. Is it chicken pox? Should I expose my baby to chicken pox and get it over with?
  5. How much paracetomol (Calpol) and ibuprofen (Nurofen) can I give and can I give them together?
  6. What can I get my baby vaccinated against under the NHS?  Do I have to?
  7. What other vaccines are available in the private sector?
  8. What do I do if my baby hits his/her head? Are there signs to look out for?
  9. If I decide my baby needs medical attention, do I call 999 or go to my GP or go straight to A&E?
It’s safe to say that the list of questions is endless!  That’s why we’ve introduced a NEW medical session to our Nurturing Mums postnatal courses.  Our mums said they’d like to know about common medical ailments and how to keep their babies out of A&E and we listened!
We ran a one-off taster session and all the mums, including the second and third-time mums found it incredibly useful.  Best of all, one of our Nurturing Mums alumni (from a Crouch End postnatal course)  is running them; she came on our course with her 10 week old baby who is now a bouncing 6 month old!
baby first illnesses north london
From the Autumn, all our courses will include a GP-Led Medical Session which will answer all of the questions above plus many, many more.  So don’t delay, book onto a Nurturing Mums course in Crouch End or East Finchley now!

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