On the move with your baby – a daunting prospect or a walk in the park?

9 Jul

Getting out with a new baby – you can do it!

Do you stay local or do you venture further afield? In the early weeks with an infant, getting out of the house can seem like a military operation.  We’ve had many mums tell us that their first session at Nurturing Mums was their first proper venture out of the house.  It not only takes a bit of planning but a dose of confidence as well.

travelling with a baby nappy bag

As mothers of older children, we are here to tell you to take advantage of your mobile baby NOW, whilst you still have the chance!

Pre-weaning is actually the best time to get out and be active, your baby will usually nap in the buggy or sling and you can go on adventures! You don’t have to bring too much stuff eg weaning paraphernalia and if you are breastfeeding, your load is even lighter.

bebe au lait breastfeeding cover

Hop on the tube! There are apps (read more here about Gobaby) to let you know which stations are baby friendly. You could also try a sling. Then you will have a bit more travel freedom. Research in advance – you can find some lovely cafés, museums and John Lewis change rooms to feed in and change the baby when necessary.  You have the luxury of not commuting during busy periods, so plan your journey to avoid major tube congestion and enjoy the ease of it all.  If the tube is too daunting, try a London black cab with your baby in the buggy – put the brake on and away you go!

tube journey with baby

Travel! We have a packing list for baby (enter your email address at the end of this post), and it is easier than you think to travel with a small infant. People will usually help you out and (most) air hostesses love little babies. Plus you can (usually) get a bassinet if long-haul.  There are lots of baby equipment companies that can help you with ‘gear’ when you arrive and there are various travel companies that will ensure your holiday to be baby-friendly.

Tips to help you when getting out and about with your baby:

1) Don’t stress if your baby is crying. It is probably upsetting you more than anyone else.
2) Think ahead. If your baby is prone to nappy leakages, don’t just bring extra nappies, bring a change of clothes. If you have a bad back, don’t rely on the sling only.
3) If you need help, ask. Sometimes, you will meet helpful people, sometimes it will seem like everyone is unfriendly. Don’t suffer in silence, ask!
4) Bring a buggy that folds up easily. It will save you on more than one occasion.
5) Don’t be afraid to try new places on your own – your little companion will make it worthwhile. Museums, baby-friendly films, cafés, exhibitions can all be great with a little one in tow.

Before you know it your maternity leave will be over; take advantage of your time off and have fun with your baby!

Where are your favourite places to go with your baby? Do you find it tough to get out and about or have you found it okay?


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