Are smartphones too addictive for new mums?

17 Jun

Are you addicted to your smartphone?

As I type this, I am well aware of a pain in my hand that just won’t go away. I have finally crossed the line, it is official: I am suffering from phone addiction.

smartphone addiction signs

Is this the plight of new mums everywhere? From apps to white noise, to keeping occupied during night feeds, our phones seem to be attached to us more than ever. Especially as mums! We use them as social tools, to connect with other mums, to read blogs, to tweet, post on Facebook, scroll through forums, shop, even to feel better about ourselves by reading inspirational quotes and other mums’ experiences. Many of our groups have created whatsapp groups as a way of keeping in contact long after the course has finished – we certainly have a need to be ‘connected’ to other mums.

As a mum, do you welcome the addition of your smartphone in your life? Or are smartphones too addictive for new mums? Have they occupied a void or has it replaced another bad habit? Do you use yours as a crutch for boredom or as a genuine tool to get you through motherhood in one piece? Maybe it’s some combination of both!

As business owners, we use our phones all the time. We know the value of being accessible and contactable, as well as respond to queries we get about our courses. We also know however, that too much usage can be literally bad for you as a mum.

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Here are our top 10 tips for keeping your phone usage in check:

1) Every day, choose at least one hour to switch off. That doesn’t mean occasional Facebook checks, that means switching off. Hide the phone in a cupboard if you have to, just switch it off!

2) Be mindful of using it at night during a feed or when you can’t sleep. Studies have shown that screen time makes it harder to fall asleep – you don’t want to waste precious hours in between feeds.

3) Use it for a white noise app for the baby, then you won’t be able to use it yourself as you are meant to keep the noise on throughout the night.

4) Don’t let your baby see you on the phone incessantly – he / she will catch on that a) it’s your precious possession and will therefore covet it and b) will always try to get your attention when you’re on the phone if he / she senses that you are not paying attention to them. (Furthermore, try hard not to continuously give your kids your phone as a means of occupying them – you certainly don’t want them to develop an addiction early on.) When you are with your baby, be with your baby.  Not on the phone.

5) Do your online shopping at the computer instead of on your phone. Then you can concentrate and not buy unnecessary items that catch your fancy. Do you really need another sling? How many cute hats can one baby have? Amazon can be really addictive when you become a mum.

6) Take mini breaks, especially when using your phone for long periods of time.

7) Break the checking habit – do you really need to check your phone nine times every minute? Is anything really changing from one minute to the next?

8) Don’t sleep with your phone beside your bed, it will make it more difficult to stop yourself from a quick check when you get up for the night feed.

9) Make special ringtones for babysitters or husbands so that when you are out, you don’t need to keep checking your phone and will only need to answer it in case of emergency.

10) Enjoy the moments with your baby – whether it’s first steps, bathtime, or playtime, try not to take too many photos or videos that you end up missing the precious milestone!

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 Are you addicted to your smartphone? Please like this post if you found the tips useful!


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