Was having a baby not what you expected?

2 Jun

Having a baby often doesn’t go according to plan…

Was your dream of having a baby what you imagined? 

When you get engaged, you plan the Martha Stewart perfect wedding in your head. Stunning flowers, centrepieces, place cards, gorgeous setting and a mood that is filled with love. And it often goes exactly according to your carefully exacted plans.

gorgeous martha stewart wedding plans

Similarly when you are pregnant, you can’t help but imagine a pain-free birth in the pool, skipping happily out of the hospital in your pre-pregnancy clothes with your new baby tucked safely in his new Maxi Cosi car seat, contentedly having just breastfed after you had a good long rest at the hospital.

Ha! You’ll be lucky if you can get baby in the car seat without too much drama!

celebrity baby mum

Doesn’t this look easy?

Having a baby is such a life altering event. You never know what lack of sleep, a huge change of circumstances and a lack of control will do to you until it happens.

Here is our top 10 list of things that might surprise you (despite the warnings) when you become a mum:

shocked and surprised mum

Is having a baby what you expected?

1) You may not get any sleep for a LONG time.
2) Your relationship can hit a bump.
3) You may get the Baby Blues or postnatal depression.
4) You may wish you had your old life back.
5) You may feel like you’re not cut out to be a mum.
6) You may have a baby with reflux, colic, or a baby who just cries without explanation a lot of the time.
7) You may feel unfulfilled or on the flip-side become completely dissatisfied with your old job.
8) Your body may never go back to pre-pregnancy status.
9) You may feel like your life ‘begun’ when you had your baby.
10) You may lose some old friends without children but gain new lifelong friends centred around your children.

Whatever changes you experience, and there will definitely be some, try to embrace them and deal with them as they come along.  Try hard to put a positive spin on each challenge and remember if you’re happy, your baby will be happy too, and so will your home.

What was the biggest shock to your system when you had a baby?

Come chat with other local mums at our upcoming courses and discuss all things mum and baby related!!



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