Hypnobirthing – reasons to consider it for your birth experience

29 May

Many mums-to-be have visions of the perfect birth experience….and nothing goes to plan. Following on from a recent article we read titled ‘A healthy baby is not ALL that matters‘, today’s guest post is from The Hypnobirthing Centre, who run hypnobirthing classes in north London, designed to give mums and dads a better birthing experience that is shared, calm and gentle.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

newborn baby classes london

5 reasons to consider KG HypnoBirthing™

Being pregnant is an exciting and special time, but it is often also a time where we are suddenly bombarded with lots of information, appointments and changes to our bodies. Many mothers only find out about alternatives to the traditional hospital birth after having given birth and talking to other new mums. Here are five reasons to consider KG HypnoBirthing™:

  1. It’s safe

HypnoBirthing™ works by teaching mothers-to-be techniques for deep relaxation, positive visualisations and breathing techniques. There is nothing invasive, you can attend the courses with your partner, and you will find you are given a great deal of knowledge in a gentle and safe environment. Although many mothers approach HypnoBirthing™ because they would like to have a natural, drug-free birth, the techniques to keep calm and positive during the birth can be applied however the birth eventually takes place.

HypnoBirthing™ classes are a complete in-depth antenatal training course and usually take place over two full days. After two days spent with other mums-to-be and childbirth educators, you will have a wealth of information, have had your questions answered, and will have gained a better understanding of your options for choosing the birth you want.

  1. May reduce anxiety

The deep relaxation techniques taught will help not just during the birth itself, but will help you feel calm and relaxed about the whole pregnancy. KG HypnoBirthing™ teaches you to become more in tune with your body and aware of how it works and what it needs. This can help you to avoid stress while pregnant, and helps you to let go of any fear you may have about giving birth. Reducing stress and anxiety levels is good for anyone, especially pregnant mums-to-be as excessive stress hormones can be passed to the baby.

  1. Natural childbirth

These days when we hear ‘natural childbirth’ many people think that this just means giving birth without pain relief. To some, it seems like those that choose a natural birth are being brave; many new mums opt for pain relief because we are led to believe that this is a very painful process. However, if you think about the term ‘natural’ it suggests that we are made to do this – that it is entirely natural to give birth comfortably, and that we know what to do.  How else has the human race developed and prospered for millennia?

Many of those who give birth using the KG HypnoBirthing™ do not require pain relief. By learning to work with their body, and with the baby, they often have shorter labours and feel calm and in control throughout; unlike many who opt for the medicalized route. HypnoBirthing™ teaches that a natural birth doesn’t have to be painful.  In fact, the more in tune with nature, our own bodies and our baby we are, the easier and more comfortable it can be.

  1. Involves both parents

The birth of their child can be a time of fundamental change for fathers too, and many can feel like helpless onlookers, especially if outnumbered by doctors and medical staff. HypnoBirthing™ is something which both parents can learn and practice together, giving the father a clear and positive role during the birth.

By helping to create, and being a part of the calm and loving atmosphere of a HypnoBirthing™ birth, both parents feel united by the experience and connected as a family.

new parents gaze lovingly at baby

  1. Happy baby

HypnoBirthing™ babies are more likely to enter the world without medical interventions or drugs, and into a calm, gentle atmosphere created by their parents. HypnoBirthing™ babies also tend to be more calm and alert, put on weight quicker and sleep through the night sooner..  And these qualities of calm and alertness remain with them as they grow.

kg hypnobirthing london

Hypnobirthing classes north London

If you would like to find out more about HypnoBirthing™ then please visit The Hypnobirthing Centre.


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