Top 10 things you miss once you become a mum

6 May
Becoming a mum is the greatest gift…but that doesn’t mean that there are certain aspects of life pre-baby that aren’t sorely missed.  Here are our top 10 things you miss once you become a mum.  Don’t despair too much though, we have a post coming up about all the great things you GAIN when becoming a mum…watch this space!


1)      Going to the toilet or showering in peace; a baby will watch you in their bouncy chair, a toddler will call for you just as you need to go, a small child will need you to answer a profound question as you are shampooing your hair!


becoming a mum
2)      Having an uninterrupted chat on the phone – catching up, what is that again? Whenever you need to be on the phone, this is the exact moment your toddler calls you to wipe them, the moment your baby starts wailing or the strange scenario when you hear silence in the house; which obviously means that chaos is actually taking place elsewhere without your knowledge.


3)      Leaving the house without military preparation, precision and armed with an arsenal of paraphernalia – it used to be phone, purse, bag, you were on your way! Not anymore…the list is too long of what you now need to bring with you, so I won’t bore you with it here!


yummy mummy changing bag mum
4)      Holding hands with your spouse…unless you are out and about without children, this isn’t so easy.  With one baby, all hands are on board, with two, your attention is divided, and with three or more, you don’t stand a chance!


5)      Having enough time for yourself, or me-time.  How is it possible to fit everything in? Often, when you do get the rare chance to get to the hairdresser’s, you find yourself checking your phone incessantly to make sure everyone is okay!


6)      Having a lie-in – so, if you actually are ever in the position for this to occur, one of a few things will happen:


          a)      You will wake up early.
          b)      Your partner will be doing the children ‘shift’ so you will have one ear open to
                    what is going on in the house anyway.
          c)       You will feel guilty for lying in bed when there’s so much to be done!


7)      Not feeling tired.  I once read something which suggests that in order to feel more energized, try to avoid saying how tired you are all the time.  That lasted all of a day! It is impossible for mums not to feel tired, could it be because of numbers 1-7?


tired new mother
8)      Your body belonging to you; first the pregnancy, next the feeding, then the baby or child attached to your hip and next the half-endearing / half-annoying comments from your children exclaiming “Mummy has a squishy tummy!”


9)      Feeling light-hearted – you now bear the weight of so much responsibility (not to mention worry) of keeping your family safe, happy, well adjusted, content, organised, stimulated….we could keep going….


10)   A clean house.  Your house will never be fully clean again, well maybe only for a couple of minutes.  It usually goes that when one room gets tidied, you leave to go tidy another room, only to come back and find the first room now trashed. Hmmmm.


These are things we miss, what about you??


Join our next postnatal group in Crouch End or East Finchley to chat with other mums about the things you miss since becoming a mum!

3 Responses to “Top 10 things you miss once you become a mum”

  1. Louise May 6, 2014 at 1:59 pm #

    A hot cup of tea!

  2. Mya Miah May 6, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

    Being able to reply to social engagements without having to check in with the other half. My social life depends on our people’s availabilities to look after LO, be it other half, family babysitter etc. Also at times this makes me feel like a child again – as if I need to ask permission on whether I’m allowed out.

  3. Baby Gifts May 17, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

    Love this. Really made me smile. So true!

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