2nd-time mums need support too; maybe even more!

7 Apr

2nd-time mums do it all again with a toddler in tow – it can be hard!

celebrity 2nd time mum

Many people think that a mum doing it all second time round doesn’t need support! In fact, they often need more support as they have another child to look after in addition to their new baby.  We have been delighted with the number of 2nd time mums who have come to Nurturing Mums courses.

They have been well aware of the facts:

– You don’t always remember everything just because you’ve had a baby; it’s great to have a refresher!

– Number two has to fit around Number one’s schedule; it’s lovely to make a new set of friends for your new baby.

– Your newest addition may be completely different from your first; you don’t necessarily need to treat them the same, you can give your baby a new experience.

– Just because you’ve experienced sleep deprivation, isolation, and being overwhelmed once, doesn’t mean it can’t hit you again; our groups have been joined for sociable time, a weekly meet-up and a daily dose of caffeine!

2nd time mums attend Nurturing Mums

We are really pleased to hear from some of the 2nd time mums who have attended our courses…

Emma attended our Winter babies course:

“I didn’t have the same support network as a second time mum as I hadn’t attended antenatal classes this time round, nor did I know anyone else with small babies.  It can be very lonely in those early days once all the visitors have left and before your baby is old enough to attend classes.  Nurturing mums gave me an excuse to get out of the house in those early chaotic weeks and do something baby related.  It was really good to meet lots of new mums both first and second timers, and make new friends.

Nurturing mums was great.  I wasn’t sure at first if it would be useful to me as a second time mum, but I learnt loads.  I really don’t have time to read all those baby books and had forgotten a lot of the basics!  I loved the way the course was structured so a different topic was covered each week.  I got to hear the experts opinion plus the views of fellow mums, it was all very relaxed and informal.  Griff got to meet other babies, and it was brilliant to see how quickly everyone’s babies grew week by week.  I found the play and sleep sessions really useful and picked up some very handy tips. ”

2nd time mum comes to nurturing mums

Baharak attended our Winter babies course:

“I chose to attend the group because I felt like I needed to do something exclusively for my second baba rather than just let her mull along and slip into our established system. It was important that time was protected just for her. (…the idea of having a manicure and sipping coffee sealed it for me!)”

2nd time mums need support

Carolyn attended our New Year’s babies course:

“It was especially great to join the course as a second time mum, as you don’t tend to have the benefit of making mummy and baby friends through the usual routes such as NCT classes – it’s always so helpful and supportive to meet people going through the same things at the same time.  It’s also sometimes more difficult to fit classes and socialising around school runs and other family commitments, so having a ready made group of new friends in one place was super-efficient!

It was also so helpful to get up to date advice from experts.  It’s amazing how advice can change between babies – back/front/side sleeping, weaning etc, and I’m now more confident that I know what I’m doing, and when I’m unsure, I’ve got more people to text in the middle of the night!

Elizabeth and I are so happy to have met such a varied and friendly group of mums and babies, and my elder daughter Eleanor loves to hear about ‘baby group’. “

what groups should a 2nd time mum attend

What do you think? Expecting or just had your 2nd baby and wonder what you will do with your little one? Don’t delay, book onto our next course!


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