Putting the yummy into mummy in Crouch End

31 Mar

We have recently brought our postnatal courses to Crouch End, what a great choice!  It is so buzzy, so vibrant and so London….with our useful guide we will make it easy for you to be a yummy mummy in no time.

where to visit in crouch end as a mum

We are thrilled with our choice of venue, the fabulous Beam Café, a spacious spot for mums and babies with the added bonus of delicious pastries and a shakshuka to die for.

What else is there for mums in Crouch End?

There is so much on offer, it’s hard to know where to start.  Here is our friendly guide for anyone visiting Crouch End as a mum with a buggy (and baby, ha ha) in tow.

Luckily for latte lovers, there is no shortage of coffee places to try.  We love Harris & Hoole, it has friendly staff and there are always loads of mummies and babies about.  You’ll never feel bad for pushing your Bugaboo around there.

My Crèche  is a welcome addition to Crouch End.  We can’t believe no one has thought of this before! Their Ofsted registered premises are perfect for dropping little ones off whilst you pop out for a haircut, a yoga session, or even a night out during their Friday night film club.  They have also set up great discounts with local vendors to make it economical for you to take advantage of their services.

baby drop off crouch end my creche

Do you need some me-time?  Escape for an hour? Yogacentric offers both hot yoga and hot pilates, get your kit on and sweat out your mummy anxieties.  Not for the faint hearted.  There are also quite a few yoga classes specifically designed for mums e.g. Anna Chapman Yoga.  (If you also want to take your baby to yoga, try Yogababies with Jay Erlich.)

Interested in nutrition or trying to lose weight? Sam Perkins, one of our postnatal experts, runs Happy Eaters.  Her nutrition advice is suitable for the whole family.

Beauty Works often has amazing yummy mummy offers and discounts, as well as specials on Mondays.  Indulgent pampering is a mum’s best friend, so visit them for a treat that you will love.

Need a spot of dinner but looking for something quick and easy? Try Tootoomoo for fresh Pan-Asian food that is delicious and fun.  Duck rolls, tempura, edamame and even cocktails!

places to visit in crouch end

Once you have shopped, eaten, and been pampered, Crouch End is also a fantastic place for mums to bring their kids!  Vicci Parker, Crouch End expert and devotee says “N8 is a warm and welcoming place for families; with an array of boutique children’s shops, accessible restaurants, activities for little ones and pampering opportunities for Mums. Whether you choose to sample the unique Crouch End blend of coffee, or stroll through one of the stunning parks, the area is definitely worth a visit with tots.”  You can follow Vicci on Twitter @vicclesticks to keep up to date with Crouch End news and events!

Please share your best Crouch End picks and brag about this vibrant area.  If you are a new mum, don’t forget to book for our next Crouch End postnatal course too!



2 Responses to “Putting the yummy into mummy in Crouch End”

  1. Sam March 31, 2014 at 9:45 pm #

    Great blog post about fab Crouch End! Other exciting Crouch End places are
    – The Art House Cinema which has just opened and has mum and baby daytime showings
    – The Earl Haig – family friendsly ex-British legion which has lots of bands and events on
    – Great parks – Priory park with lovely cafe and huge paddling pool, and Stationers park
    – And of course ‘Happy Eaters’ cooking workshops for kids, teens and adults (bit biased about that one)

  2. EW April 1, 2014 at 8:13 pm #

    Bar Esteban tapas is wonderful, tasty food, great service and pram friendly during the day. Bistro Aix is great too although slightly more formal.
    TooTooMoo is fine but not worthy of all the hype it gets.
    Oxygene in Muswell Hill is the best place for beauty treatments, I recommend the pre and post pregnancy massage; nice and relaxing.

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