Tell me what a baby needs, what they really really need

24 Mar

What do newborn babies actually NEED?

The baby market is expansive and ever growing! Any new mother might very well feel overwhelmed with all of the choices she’s faced with for what she needs for her new baby in the first few months.  We are convinced having been through the early stages 5 times between us, that there are some definite essentials and some serious money wasters.  Here, we help you navigate between what is needed for a newborn baby and what isn’t.

Baby gift newborn

Absolute must haves for a newborn baby:

1)      Thermometer – I can’t count the number of times I’ve needed one, and couldn’t find it or found it wasn’t working.  Get two or three even!

2)      Baby-grows and lots of them – forget all the cute outfits, they are hard to get on and off, and when a newborn is spitting up 24 times a day, you need baby-grows at the ready.  Instead of being faced with endless loads of laundry, stock up on these essentials.

3)      A bouncy chair – ever tried showering with a newborn? It seems like you never get a spare minute! A bouncy chair can be a lifesaver, they are momentarily entertained and are upright enough that you can interact with them.

4)      Buggy with adaptable option to click the car seat into – for quick journeys (especially school runs if you have older children too), being able to move a sleeping baby without waking them is absolutely essential.

which baby thermometer

Optional products for a newborn baby:

1)      Dummy – some mums swear by them, others swear at them.  If it works for you, go for it.  If your baby refuses it, they will likely find another way to self-soothe.

2)      White noise machine / app – some mums are adamant that their babies need white noise to get off to sleep.  Our advice – don’t rely on it too heavily or your baby might then need it to fall asleep.

3)      Cot mobile – this can be great for when babies are winding down from the day, some soft music and lights on the ceiling…sounds good, doesn’t it?

do babies need a cot mobile

Don’t waste your time with these:

1)     Moses basket, baby only fits in it for a really really short short time, so we think it isn’t worth it.  Rather try a crib which can last a few months and is small enough for baby to feel snug in.

2)     Soft covered books – you certainly don’t need too many of these, babies move on quite quickly to board books.

3)     Baby bath – this is optional, but not really necessary.  We found it was more trouble than it was worth e.g. very heavy to move once filled with water and where do you store it??  A baby bath support is a much better     idea.

4)     Nappy bin – no matter how often it was emptied, mine always smelled! A waste of money in my opinion.

Some suggestions from our readers:

@MyCreche: We had 5 different slings but loved the Ergo best of all!

@cuteasabutton86: Ewan the dream sheep kept our little man snoozing in the early days and still loves him 9 months on 🙂

Ideal newborn baby gift

In our ‘research’ for this post, we came across a fab company called The Peekaboo Baby Company.  Many relatives will ask you once your baby has been born, ‘what can we buy you’?  There are always repeats, outfits you wouldn’t dream of dressing your baby in, and loads of other products that could be added to our DON’T NEED list.  However, the Peekaboo Baby Company makes gorgeous baby boxes that are both beautiful and useful.  Muslins are a new mum’s best friend (they stock the coveted Adain & Anais), Sophie the giraffe teether is another must-have, and the cute Trumpette socks always elicit compliments.  Have a look at their boxes and drop some hints to friends and family.

gorgeous practical baby gift

On top of all of the products you get for your baby, YOU will also need:

1)      Tissues for teary days, especially day 3 or 4 when baby blues can kick in.

2)      A mum (or supportive friend) on hand for you to cry to when you feel like you aren’t coping.

3)      An understanding partner who can accept your moods are all over the place.

4)      Lots of sanitary towels…

5)      Patience, love and a capacity to learn from your mistakes!

@katgrant30: a healthy and cared-for mum!:) ie for mum to get a few hrs sleep, and to eat a decent meal…X

Do you agree with our choices? What was your must-have newborn baby product? Please share it with any new mums to help spread the mummy love!

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