Mia Tui bags for mums with babies, toddlers and children up to any age

28 Jan

Mia Tui bag review

Don’t all new mums need a great bag for carrying both baby stuff and mummy stuff? Well, now you can have a bag that caters to all of your postnatal needs! Check out the range of Mia Tui bags and see what catches your fancy…I’m sure you’ll find the perfect choice. 

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Mia Tui bag.  This delightful range of bags is for the modern woman; they are stylish, roomy, easy to carry and well organised. I chose the Minnie Amelie chocolate, a carry-all that is the perfect size for weekends, travelling and even the gym.  I was going to wait to use it as a carry-on for an upcoming holiday, but this weekend proved a great opportunity to put it into action. 


Mia Tui bag weekend changing bag mum

On our way out, I told my children (ages 9,6 and 3) that they could each bring one toy / activity to bring with us for the day.  I packed all of the gear into my new Mia Tui bag, with plenty of room to spare.  It was a comfortable fit, and I felt so relieved not to be carrying a rucksack, plastic bags or various children’s bags on this outing.  Didn’t I feel like a yummy mummy? All of the stuff was easily accessible when needed and more importantly, easy to find.  First trip, success!

Later in the day, we took the kids swimming and I decided to try the bag for this outing as well.  I was able to fit two towels, two costumes, shampoo and a few other bits and bobs into the bag.   There are compartments for everything: iPad mini, my mobile phone, pens, and other valuables.  My daughter used the small plastic pouch to keep her stuff in and had this to say, “It is so cool how it has so many mini compartments and pouches, and I also really like the way it comes with a mini bag.”  There is even a waterproof section (for small umbrellas or bottles) and I put the wet costumes in there.  Second trip, success!

roomy weekend bag

I am definitely going to use my Mia Tui bag for travelling.  Instead of carrying my handbag and a carry-on, I will have one bag that will fit everything.  It is comfortable to hold, with an extra carrying strap if necessary, so I anticipate that it will be so much easier than having two bags. Travelling with small children is always made even more difficult with the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be brought; you can usually spot our family in the airport, as we’re the ones with things stuffed into the bottom of the buggy, bags trailing behind us, not to mention the kids! Not anymore…I plan to be the organised, calm and prepared mum with ONE bag on the flight.

nurturing mums review

Other uses for the Mia Tui bag:

At the moment, I am using a very un-stylish, un-practical, standard gym bag that I couldn’t be happier to get rid of.  My new Mia Tui bag will be perfect for the gym!

For all of you mummies, this would make a great changing bag.  I always struggled with changing bags, never found the right one that was affordable and practical.  I always had to dump everything out to find anything and wished for a better option! Mums, here is your chance – all Nurturing Mums followers will get an amazing 15% off their next purchase.  Simply use the discount code seen below and enjoy your Mia Tui bag!!

mia tui nurturing mums








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