Sassy Bloom box for one lucky Nurturing Mum

26 Nov

Introducing…Sassy Bloom, a new company that we will be working with!  Through their subscription boxes, parents can expect to receive an ideal selection of child rearing and infant goodies, delivered every month to your door. Sassy Bloom has thought of everything, so you don’t have to! Use our NMUM code for a £5 savings!!

Claire, from Nurturing Mums Spring 2013, reviews a personalised Sassy Bloom box with her 9-month old son Aidan.

Last week a box of exciting goodies from Sassy Bloom arrived at our door. Aidan and I sat down to investigate…

Opening Sassy Bloom box new mum

Inside the box, wrapped in tissue paper, were lots of baby goodies – all cleverly tailored to Aidan’s age. We couldn’t wait to get stuck in! Most of the products were designed for babies who’ve recently been weaned, which was perfect for us as Aidan’s been on solids for about 3 months. I immediately spotted the OXO Tot food tray for the freezer and will be using it when I make up Aidan’s next batch of mush.

New mum gifts

The Mum2Mum sleeved Wonderbib is a godsend as Aidan’s just getting into finger food and most of it ends up down his front! A gorgeous blue colour, it has a fluffy absorbent towelling front that soaks up any water he spills from his beaker. It’s also easy to get on and off a wriggly baby.

sassy box weaning

I’d not heard of the Momma range of ergonomic feeding products but liked the look of the Momma soft spoon. With a round end it’s easy for babies to grip so they can learn to feed themselves. Aidan liked the bright orange colour and the rocking movement it makes when you stand it upright. (A bit like a Weeble for anyone old enough to remember.)

weaning new mum baby

Babycup mini drinking cups are something new for us to try. I’ll make sure Aidan is wearing his new Wonderbib when we do though! Finally there were two Hipp Organic tubes of fruit puree – yum!

In addition to the baby feeding goodies, there were two cute personalised baby products in our Sassy Bloom box. We loved the Ulubulu personalised dummy. This one says “Early bird”, but could easily fit one of Aidan’s nicknames on it. It’s a nice gift idea for new parents or even for a baby shower.

personalised baby gifts

The Soft Touch socks were a big success as they stayed on for more than ten minutes, without being taken off and chewed. These can be personalised on the soles, which is a sweet idea.

Many thanks to Sassy Bloom – a box of age-relevant goodies is something I think many mums would love to receive throughout their baby’s early months and years.

love the sassy box

Thinking of trying one?  Use our special NMUMS code for £5 off your first order!

More information about Sassy Bloom

When a baby arrives, it can turn any parent’s world upside down. Most first time parents find themselves overwhelmed by choice and obsessing over baby gear which they are told they might need. The endless array of equipment, gadgets and toys on offer can send even the most prepared parent into a spin!

Not only that, but they then have to find the time in an ever demanding schedule to go out and buy it all!  Well thankfully the creative experts at Sassy Bloom are here to help! Their mission? To discover and hand pick the very best, tried and tested baby products and deliver them straight to your door.

Sassy boxes’, the latest innovation from Sassy Bloom, have been carefully crafted in direct response to demand from new and experienced mums searching for a stress -free solution to buying the very best products for their baby. Each month, as baby continues to blossom, the Sassy Bloom stork will hand deliver a specially tailored box filled with the latest and greatest age-appropriate products.

new baby gifts subscription boxes

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