Losing the baby weight to regain your pre-pregnancy shape

27 Oct

Losing the baby weight is a topic that is on the mind of almost all new mums, sometimes even from the moment they conceive until long after they’ve given birth.  At Nurturing Mums we feel that you shouldn’t feel pressure or anxiety surrounding your body image; weight loss should be secondary to looking after your new baby.  You certainly should not be worrying about it days (or even weeks) after giving birth.  On the flip side however, all mums want to feel and look their best so it’s not something to ignore if it’s important to you.  This blog post is here to help, in a gently gently way 🙂  

Getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape is not as easy as it sounds…especially if it’s your second, third or fourth baby as it seems to get harder each time.  Unless you are one of those enviable mums who slinks out of hospital barely looking as if they ever gave birth, you are one of us – one who struggles to lose the extra baby weight afterwards.  With my first, I thought I would pop the baby out, and wear my lovely pre-pregnancy, non-maternity clothes home from the hospital looking glowing and not pregnant.  Well, at least I was glowing.


losing baby weight maternity jeans
Pregnancy: As much as you hear it, want to follow it, and hate yourself for not doing it, not ‘eating for two’ is much much more difficult than it sounds.  First of all, you are uncomfortable and find it hard to find anything stylish (never mind look good whilst wearing it) so your biggest comfort is often eating.  Second of all, it is one time in your life where you can ‘let it go’ and give in to temptation, cravings and the occasional (okay, maybe not so occasional) McDonalds, Starbucks creamy frothy caramel thingy, or fried anything and everything.  Lastly, because of your bump, you often don’t feel as if you are gaining that much weight elsewhere.  Oh but you are.  Because once that baby comes out, the weight can be seen on your arms, face, legs and everywhere else!  You just don’t realise it until you are holding your baby in your arms and you still look six months pregnant!


weighing yourself post baby
Post birth:  The truth is, your body does change during pregnancy.  I mean, you are carrying around another human being inside your stomach! It stretches and grows for nine months; pregnancy takes its toll.  So once you’ve had the baby, expect some changes.  Even if you do lose all of your weight, your stomach may never be the same – this is something you will have to accept.  You may have stretch marks, you may have saggy skin, you may not love yourself in a bikini.  But remember, you have your baby now and your body is testament to this reality. (This post isn’t even going to touch on what happens to your breasts!)


A few months on: You are finding it difficult to change your habits.  You’ve gotten so used to having biscuits in the middle of the day, you find it impossible to stop now.  You despair at the fact that you are still in your maternity clothes and showing no signs of losing any more weight.  You’ve hit a plateau and you are miserable!


So what is a new mum to do to lose the baby weight?
Kerri Walsh Jennings shows baby after pregnancy
Here are our top suggestions:


1) Make a plan.  Don’t fly by the seat of your pants; figure out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.  Planning can be the first step towards success.


2) Choose a system that you are likely to follow e.g. Weight Watchers, Slimming World.  Different things work for different people.  Are you someone who likes to count your calories exactly?  Can you give up something entirely or would you be better suited to eating what you like but less of it?  Ask around and see what works before signing up.


3) Follow the 9 months up and 9 months down rule – don’t rush yourself.  Weight loss takes time, you want to do it safely (especially if breastfeeding, you need your energy).  It is often said, it comes off slowly but is put on quickly.  Don’t forget that and don’t beat yourself up.


4) We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – do not buy glossy magazines that make you feel horrible about your weight, your body image or not losing the baby weight in 2 minutes.  It’s not a competition who can get there the quickest or fit in their skinny jeans first.  Focus on you, not on others – is this picture going to help? 99.9 % of us will never look like this!


Jessica alba post pregnancy body
5) Consider a class you can do with your baby, make it fun.  We’ve blogged previously about baby salsa classes, baby yoga, personal training with your baby cared for whilst you train, buggy fit classes, etc.  There are loads of classes out there, join with a friend and away you go.


6) Be strict with yourself, especially if you went a bit crazy in your pregnancy; rein it in now that you are no longer pregnant.  Don’t put it off too long, before you know it, you could be pregnant again!


7) Buy a pair of jeans that are not maternity, even if they are slightly bigger than your regular size, it will help you feel better about your body.  The most depressing thing is wearing maternity clothes when you are not pregnant!


That’s it! Please share any of your tips with us and please remember as well, love your body.  It was your baby’s home for 9 months and you should be proud of yourself!!
Disclaimer: We are not weight loss experts, just mums giving advice to other mums.

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  1. Anonymous October 29, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

    Very insightful and useful suggestions to help women get back their pre-pregnancy bodies.

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