Naming your baby

31 Jul

There has been a media furore in recent days about naming a baby – from KT Hopkins Twitter rants about class to baby North West born to celebrity parents Kim and Kanye to Prince George’s traditional and back-to-basics name….it all makes you think, what goes into naming a baby? 

what's in a baby's name?

What’s in a name?

We have always thought that a name is one of the first huge parenting decisions you can make.  You are giving your baby the name that will be with them for life, and it is all down to you.  They have no input, no say, and no vote.  What you decree is what goes on the birth certificate, and despite elaborate changing name scenarios or nicknames, is what they will go by.  How much does a name impact a baby’s life?  We look at what’s been happening in the headline news….

In the news

Katie Hopkins has been in the headlines and has shown up in our Twitter feed many times in the last few weeks (see here).  She waxes lyrical about baby names in a harsh, critical way suggesting that names are intricately tied to class; she goes on to say that she would even base who she’d like her children playing with based on their name.  She adds fuel to the fire by picking on ginger haired babies, calling them ‘much harder to love’, thus diluting anything she might be trying to say by making it controversial and hateful.  But with regards to the names, does she have a point?  Are parents giving their children names that will affect them negatively in the long run? Or is she just filled with snobbery and a hateful attitude towards other classes?

Katie Hopkins on Good morning

We’ve blogged about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy body image and the media’s obsession with her body.  But we never weighed in on her choice of North West as a name for her baby.  Whilst obviously her personal choice, it comes across as statement of her and Kanye’s celebrity power…we are going to name our baby whatever we want to no matter that it’s not actually a name! What’s the point? Why do that to the little direction? Is he destined for a life of stardom or a life of ridicule?  Or does none of it matter and his name is actually irrelevant?

kim and kanye

Now we come to the Royal Baby George Alexander Louis.  A strong traditional name with solid, dependable roots.  We happen to think that this is a name to be proud of, a name that this child will grow into and inhabit to match his future role in this country.  Although naming your baby isn’t a public decision, when the whole country and indeed the world are watching, it seems like a sensible bet to go with the name George.  With scandals aplenty, it seems like this name has taken us back to basics to a more wholesome and safer place.  Wow, that is a lot of pressure on one baby’s name!  It seems too that he will be called Georgie, a relaxed nickname suitable for a Prince.

Kate and Wills present baby George

Our Nurturing Mums tips to naming your baby:

1)      Make sure you and your partner agree.  This sounds like a pretty basic concept but you’d be surprised how difficult this might prove…

2)      Look on top 100 name lists and see if anything strikes your fancy.  Baby naming books are also good resources.

3)      Decide if you want a traditional name or something more unusual.

4)      Say it out loud with the child’s surname, and make sure there are no possibilities of disaster.

5)      Other children can be mean, so don’t subject your child to a lifetime of taunting.

6)      Don’t ask too many others what they think of your planned names -people can sway you easily and it’s such a personal decision. Imagine if, for example, your best friend said ‘no you can’t call the baby Rex because we had a dog called Rex who got run over…’  or ‘that sounds like a stripper’s name!’ won’t fill you with the best feelings!

7)      Check the baby’s initials to make sure it’s not a dodgy acronym!
8)       Ultimately it’s your choice so go with your heart!
Share your baby naming experiences with us – how did you choose? 



One Response to “Naming your baby”

  1. Judi July 31, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    I opted for traditional names and my four choices have withstood the test of time. One more tip, have a look at your baby when they are born and see if the name you’ve chosen seems to fit! Have fun choosing.

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