Buggies on the market, which is the ‘new black’?

16 Jul

At our most recent Nurturing Mums postnatal course, we had 8 new mums, with 8 new babies and 8 different buggies! On top of that, the buggies were all different from the ones we saw our previous course mums pushing! 

So is there a buggy fashion?  Do buggies go in vogue and then out again?  What is the ‘new black’ in the buggy market? A pram, a stroller, a jogger, a double buggy, a single fold, umbrella-fold, full flat bed, partially reclining, the list goes on!

Since we had our first children, the main staple on the market seems to be the Rolls Royce of buggies, the Bugaboo.  But even within Bugaboo there is a range of options; the Bee, the Cameleon, the Donkey – it sounds like a zoo outing!  A must-have that was linked to the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Bugaboos were all the rage and were highly covetable.  Have things moved on?  Is Bugaboo still the buggy of the moment?  When Victoria Beckham had Harper, an iCandy was custom designed especially for her…but now it seems as though she has moved on to a Bugaboo (Daily Mail)!  They still seem to be as hot as ever!

celebrity bugaboo    celebrity bugaboo rachel zoe

But what about the price?  Is it ludicrous to spend all your hard-earned money on a stroller just when you are going on maternity leave? They cost a small fortune, making you think that mums wouldn’t invest that kind of money in something that is so short-lived.  However, despite the hefty price tag, Bugaboos and other pricey options are still going strong.

The iCandy cherry is another popular option, with a carry-cot for the early days and then a lighter option once the baby is sitting upright.  The City Mini has also grown in popularity, as a lightweight option that can be used from birth and is easily collapsible.

icandy cherry

Funny thing is, many families spend a huge sum on their first pram, only to then realise that they need something smaller, lighter and easier to get in and out of the car! The options at this point usually to the all-time favourite lightweight buggy: The Maclaren.  Maclarens are relatively inexpensive, very sturdy and great for travelling, London life and ease of use.

maclaren lightweight easy buggy

At Nurturing Mums we recommend that you do some research before buying a buggy, or any other big ticket item!  Get opinions from others who have used it, consider the size of your car boot and your hallway, give collapsing it an actual go to see if it is simple enough (don’t be caught out like one of us on a first outing with a 7 day old baby and have to ask for help in a shopping centre car park!) and if you can do it one handed.  Don’t be lured by celebrity endorsements if it is out of your price range!

I got a mountain buggy (swift). I love it!! So easy to push. Great for going up or downstairs and over bumps etc. – Megan

I have an uppababy vista black chassis and pink carrycot/seat. Love it, easy to push, get in and out of car and Maxi Cosi clips right onto it. Huge shopping basket, it’s great! – Louise

Which buggy do you have? Is it a royal pain or is it easy to use? 





3 Responses to “Buggies on the market, which is the ‘new black’?”

  1. Claire B July 18, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    I would add that if you have a c-section you won’t be able to lift your buggy for the first few weeks, or even push it up and down big hills (hello, Muswell Hill).

    I coveted the UppaBaby because Reece Wetherspoon’s got one, but it was too wide/heavy for our needs so a slimline Bugaboo Bee it was!

  2. NurturingMums July 19, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    Hi Claire, great point about the C-section, thanks for mentioning!

  3. Susie July 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    We bought a Quinny Buzz 3 (not used it yet as baby not due till August) after test driving quite a few we liked the shape and style of this one the best and the fact that it was not too ridiculously priced compared to some of the others we had seen. I have to say I can’t believe how expensive some of the more popular buggy brands are. I had noticed that the bugaboo series of prams are popular in my area but the price makes them not really affordable for us. Saying that we did end up paying just over 300 for our quinny as I did not want to get second hand so that to me is still very extravagant, we have just made do/reduced spend on other items and got some things second hand. I am hoping that our Quinny will last for a (hopefully) second child but if not I would definitely consider buying second hand next time. Personally for me, 300 plus pounds is too much to pay for a transport system and not a price I would be rushing to pay again if I have the choice (but then again I am sure I am not the only one to feel like that about buying their buggy!)

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