Nurturing Mum of the month – July

12 Jul

Our July Nurturing Mum of the month is Lisa, mum to baby Oscar, who is just about 4 months.  We enjoyed having Lisa at our Summer Babies course, and loved seeing Oscar in his shades at the last session in the sun.  Here is Lisa’s experience of becoming a new mum….we especially like Lisa’s answer to number 5!

Nurturing Mum of the month July

Did everything go according to plan with the birth?

The birth itself was easy in comparison to the lead up!

Anthony and I agreed to start trying for a baby but then my best friend got engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid. We put the baby making on hold for a few months so I wouldn’t miss or give birth at her wedding.

It took only a few months to fall pregnant which we were over the moon about but in the first trimester I had a large ovarian cyst that needed operating on. A few weeks later I was back in A&E with the cyst again so I was determined I’d had my share of bad luck and that I deserved a good labour and birth. It was a long 25.5 hours of labour and although the idea of a water birth didn’t materialise, I found the whole experience significantly more positive than expected. I loved the gas and air because it made me feel a good kind of drunk and I was convinced I was the world’s best comedian. An epidural numbed the pain and at the end of it all, a beautiful baby boy was placed on my tummy and I turned to my husband and uttered the words ‘I’m a mummy!’ – it was the best feeling in the world.

2. Had you found out what you were having?

Technically no but I had a gut feel I was having a boy and I read into something my doctor said at one of our scans which suggested we were having a boy also. I don’t think I even asked about gender when he was born. I just assumed he was male.

3. Did you get baby blues at Day 3?
I was all prepped to feel hormonal and Anthony had been taught about baby blues vs post natal depression at our antenatal class but I didn’t experience it. As far back as I can remember having a wonderful husband and amazing children was all I’ve ever wanted and I just couldn’t believe my luck when the reality was even better than the exceptionally high expectations I had in my mind. All I remember from day three was the doting aunties, grandparents and cousins so I guess it’s hard to feel low with so many positive and hyperactive people around.

4. Do you have family around to help?
Anthony works for himself so although that often means long hours, it also offers him lots of flexibility. One night he told me he would be working late but came home by 6pm to play before spending the rest of the evening in our home office. His family are very close by and so supportive, particularly as this is the first grandchild and nephew on their side. My family are in Glasgow and Leeds but Oscar is a big draw for them to visit lots and we’ve done a fair bit of travelling to see them also.

5. What are you finding toughest about being a mum?
I was very lucky in that the birth was absolutely fine and I recovered quickly so I was out and about trying to meet new mums at week two. The toughest thing I have found was meeting other mums, as the kids at all the groups I attended were older than Oscar by a long way. Nurturing mums approached me when I mentioned this on a facebook group and now I have another seven good friends, all with babies of a similar age and I couldn’t be happier.

6. What are you finding the most rewarding as a new mum?
The smiles and giggles! There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you have the knack to making your baby smile!

Nurturing Mum of the month July

7. What is your favourite thing about your baby?
I love how affectionate Oscar is. He has a warm smile, cuddles in and has this new thing of opening his mouth when you put his mouth to your cheek; his very own take on kissing!

8. What’s the one thing you wish someone had told you before having your baby?
That you get more sleep than you expect! I thought I’d get an hour or two at night max and the thought really scared me but I get between 6 and 8 hours a night just interrupted!

9.Have you thought about going back to work?
I had a career in graduate recruitment. When I fell pregnant, I set up a company offering CV, interview and assessment centre advice for students and recent graduates to help them succeed through the recruitment process and get the jobs they want. The aim is to do this part time, working it around Oscar. I don’t want to miss him growing up.

Nurturing Mum of the month July


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