A-Z of Nurturing Mums postnatal courses

28 Jun

Inspired by Bryony Gordon’s A-Z of new motherhood, we have put together our own A-Z of Nurturing Mums London postnatal courses for new mums.  Here you will find all of the benefits to joining a course, for both mum and baby.  

A-Z of Nurturing Mums – our guide to getting the best start to motherhood

New logo for us at Nurturing Mums

A- Antenatal is all well and good, but what happens when you actually have your baby?  Postnatal courses give you practical advice and an opportunity to socialise with other new, local mums.

B – Biscuits! We always serve biscuits, coffee & tea, but lately some of the mums have been bringing tasty treats. Yum.

C – Chat! What mum doesn’t like to share their birth story? We talk about all of a mum’s favourite topics, including highs and lows and everyone’s all time favourite: poo!

D – Dazed. We don’t mind if you are a bit hazy from lack of sleep or if you aren’t able to fully put yourself together, we’ve all been there.

E – Equality. We are non judgemental, you can breast feed, bottle-feed, combine the two. No one has the right or wrong way to parent, you have to do what’s right for you.

F  – Friendship. We want you to make lasting friendships, your babies are roughly the same age and therefore you have at least one thing in common! Our mums are often found staying after the sessions are finished to continue chatting , feeding and even staying for lunch.

postnatal course making friends

G – Group. Each course we meet a new set of mums who make up a group – it is great for us to see how the groups form, meet, and stay in touch.

H – Happy mums = happy babies! Something we believe at Nurturing Mums and try to encourage looking after yourself as a mum.

I – Internet friends are so last year, makes some real, live friends at a Nurturing Mums postnatal course.

Sociable time with Nurturing Mu

J – Joy. Your baby will give you joy every day; imagine the joy from having a baby who sleeps through the night, is happily well fed and a mummy who is able to cope with the tougher spots. We will help you get there!

K – Knowledge. It’s just like being a cabbie, if you have The Knowledge, you are set to navigate the twists and turns that are thrown at you.

L – Look at me! Our newborn and baby photographer, Felicity Lass, takes an amazing photo of each mum and baby that are part of our course package. A keepsake and a treasure!

baby photo shoot postnatal london

M – Muswell Hill to East Finchley to Crouch End to Barnet to North Finchley to Hampstead to Islington, all of north London is covered. We can’t wait to meet you.

N – Nationwide.   In the future, we’d like to see our courses across the UK, helping new mums around the country.

O – Once in a lifetime. Your first baby will only ever come once. Treasure the experience with us and you’ll never forget it.

P – Pamper! Spabycar comes to give mummies a much needed treatment, whether it’s a mini massage or mini mani, mums come out looking refreshed and relaxed. Bliss!

Pamper morning London postnatal

Q – Questions. All new mums have many of these, they crop up every day.  How much sleep is enough? How many naps a day?  What do I start weaning with? We are experienced mums who are glad to answer questions, our experts are on hand to answer questions, and the other mums are great sounding boards too.

R – Relationships. Going from a family of two to a family of three can be tricky to get your head around. Our maternity life coach, Rebecca Fishman, talks to our mums and eases their minds about this transition. Read here about our relationships session.

S – Sleep. The holy grail of parenthood, our expert sleep consultant Maryanne Taylor talks about teaching good sleep habits, nap times, comforters and cues. A much loved session.

Maryanne's sleep session postnatal london

T – Time – with a new baby, ‘me-time’ goes out the window. Plan well and enlist some help and you’ll be able to manage a shower at the very least!  Our courses are set up for you to benefit.

U – Under pressure.  As mums, we are constantly feeling pressure from all directions.  Should we go back to work? Should we put our kids in nursery? Feeling like you are doing a good job as a mum is so important and we get you off to a good start.

V – Veteran.  Become a trusted source of information once you’ve attended one of our courses, you will pick up tips, advice and lots of goodies to pass on.

W – Weaning. Our nutritionist, Julia Wolman, is an expert in giving babies a good start to nutrition. She talks to the mums dispelling myths, giving tips, and identifies signs that babies are ready to start. She makes it fun and exciting, not worrying!

X  – eXperts. Our Nurturing Mums experts have been hand picked and are the best in the business, giving you the information you need whilst you are nurtured with our pamper team and photographer too!

Y – Young and older, our mums are many different ages, backgrounds, cultures and represent all parts of the UK and beyond sometimes too!

Z – zzzzz we know we already mentioned sleep but it’s that important that we are talking about it again! Get some zzzzzzz whenever you can especially in the early days.  Sleep when your baby sleeps, an oldie but a goodie!  Then you will be awake enough to join us at the best London postnatal course, Nurturing Mums!

Please share our A-Z guide with friends and don’t forget to sign up early for our September babies postnatal course in north London!


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