Speeding it up vs. slowing it down

25 Jun

We are all too aware how quickly time goes.  You blink, and another year has passed! Being a new mum can be simultaneously rewarding and challenging, as our babies move through different phases so quickly.  It may seem like we want to speed things up at the same time as slowing it down…   

baby stages pass too quickly slow it down

The first year of a baby’s life is an amazing adventure of firsts.  First smile, first roll, first crawl (or bum shuffle), first steps, first words…

Every day brings a new wonder from this fantastic being that you created.  ‘Wow,’ you find yourself saying, ‘how did I live without this baby being a part of my life? I love watching him grow, develop, mature and learn.’  Amazing milestones.

Then come the stages you’d like to move beyond.  You wish you could speed things up.  Imagine not having piles of little nappy baggies accumulating outside your front door.  Imagine a holiday where you didn’t have to drag the buggy through the sand to get to the beach.  Imagine eating out at a restaurant without a screaming baby or a grumpy toddler in tow – how relaxing would that be?

do you have a screaming child?

But then you want to slow it down again.  When your babies turn into toddlers, then children, then (gasp) teenagers, those lovely little dependants will be giving you attitude and throwing their clothes all over the floor expecting you to clear them up.  What you would give for a little snuggle on the sofa? What you would give for a statement like “Mummy, you are the best” or “I love you so much.”

mum hugs baby

So, what do we do?  Parents of grown children ALWAYS tell you to enjoy your little ones when they are little, because it goes all too quickly.  True.  Parents of babies and toddlers seem to often be heard saying “They’ll soon grown out of it” or “You’re almost past that stage” and other such encouraging words to get you through sleepless nights, endless baby naptimes, toddler meltdowns, terrible twos and the repetitiveness of looking after small children.  Who do we listen to?  Who is right?

At Nurturing Mums we encourage you to embrace the time when they are small.  It will pass by quickly and you will not be able to turn back the clock.  But at the same time, every parent has moments of wanting to reach the next phase or get through a particularly troubling stage, so don’t feel bad wanting to fast forward.  It is natural to want to relive certain moments and time periods at the same time as wanting to grow, mature and change.

If you have a baby under 6 months old, join other local London mums at our next postnatal course and share the moments you’d wish would vanish ASAP and those you want to treasure in slow motion!

What stages did you wish would end quickly? What did you want to slow down?





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