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12 Jun

We are pleased to introduce Claire Kilduff, our very first Nurturing Mum of the month! Claire was the winner of our big competition with Blue Daisy, and won a free postnatal course which she started when baby Oliver was just 3 weeks! Read about Claire’s experience of being a new mum….

Nurturing Mum of the month June 1.       Did everything go according to plan with the birth?

Daniel and I have been together for 4 years and Oliver is our first baby. We were very lucky and fell pregnant very quick after deciding to start a family.

Oliver was due on 29th May 2013 and I had a very plain sailing and enjoyable pregnancy. We had planned a ‘birth centre’ delivery at The Whittington hospital and to use the pool as pain relief throughout labour however at 38 weeks at home on the Sunday evening I had blurred vision and came over very dizzy. We phoned Triage and they asked us to come straight in. After examination and blood tests I was told I had mild signs of pre-eclampsia and although I had no major signs at any stage through my pregnancy the doctor suggested that I be induced. Of course this now ruled out our plans for the birth centre, however I had a very easy birth which in total was only 5 hours and 41 minutes. Oliver was born at 1.15pm on Wednesday 15th May, exactly 2 weeks early weighing 7lb 1oz.

2.       Had you found out what you were having?

Although we had agreed to not find out the sex of our baby during our scans, both of us had a gut feeling that we were having a little boy and was delighted to meet our Oliver when he arrived.

3.       Did you get baby blues at Day 3?

Having Ollie early and then such a quick birth, I felt for a few days everything was a ‘dream’. I constantly looked at Oliver and thought ‘Wow he’s mine’ and I think I was running on pure adrenalin. We came home from hospital the day after he was born and we quickly settled, however I had this overwhelming feeling of anxiety that if I took my eyes of Oliver for even a moment then something would happen to him. On Day 3 the emotions got the better of me and I had a big cry with Daniel and my sister telling them for the first time the worries I had been having. Just sharing this with them and being reassured that this was a common feeling for a new mum, that I was doing a fantastic job and then some sleep I soon felt better.

4.       Do you have family around to help?

Daniel is very supportive to me and a very hands-on Daddy to Oliver. He had two weeks paternity leave that although it went very fast it was lovely to have the time together as a little family. We are very lucky to have a supportive family around. Oliver is the 8th Grandchild in my family and the 1st in Daniel’s family.

5.       What are you finding toughest?

I am loving being a Mum, it is living up to be everything I had dreamed of and more. My toughest challenge at the moment is getting out the door and being on time for anything. Before Oliver I was always punctual and never late, this has changed now and it’s a miracle if we get anywhere on time and if we do it takes a lot of preparation the night before and usually an early morning.

6.       What are you finding the most rewarding?

The most rewarding thing for me is just watching Oliver and feeling the love and pride I have in him.

7.       What is your favourite thing about your baby?

When he cuddles up and sleeps on my chest I look at him and see my greatest achievement. My favourite thing about Oliver is his facial expressions and watching how he changes every day.

8.       What’s the one thing you wish someone had told you before having your baby?

I think the one thing I wish someone had told me before I had Oliver would be about the overwhelming emotions that hit you and the anxieties you feel. The feeling that you worry about the smallest thing with regards to your baby and the overwhelming feeling of being protective towards him. I’m sure they are common with new Mums, although I imagined to love and protect my little boy, the extent of these feelings is definitely new to me.

Nurturing mums sleep session

 Claire and Oliver at a Nurturing Mums session

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