Fun in the sun (when it arrives!)

9 Jun

What are you meant to do as a new mum with a baby stuck indoors? The weather is so up and down in London and the rest of the UK, that we never know what we are going to get! Here is some advice to get you on the go with your baby and enjoy the sunshine when it decides to come…

I can’t remember a time in the UK when we have had to wait this long for good weather.  Stephen Fry, recently tweeted it the best:

Stephen Fry ‏@stephenfry24 May: At first it was poor, then disappointing, then mildly funny, then cosmically annoying, now it’s just plain preposterous #theweather

It is common to discuss the weather, complain about the weather, reminisce about the weather and lament about the weather.  This long winter leading to an absence of spring, has forcibly kept winter coats and boots out far too long and even spoiled the British pastime of moaning about it.  I mean, how long could it go on?  How much complaining could we do?

Anyway…we have finally been treated to a good week.  A glorious week.  A week with one partly rainy day, one mildly grey day, but otherwise sunny skies and happy, smiling people out and about.

Primrose Hill north london

So, how can we enjoy the good weather with our babies and toddlers when it does arrive?

Some tips:

1)      Instead of a rainy day plan, have a sunny day contingency plan.  Do your research in advance for the day trips, tickets, journey times etc. you will need to make the most of a day out.  Days out include: London Zoo, Peppa Pig world, South Bank, Willow’s Farm and for the older kids Legoland and Gulliver’s Land.

2)      Pack a picnic! Make your own or order one in advance (try Carluccio’s, they make an excellent pre-ordered picnic), grab a blanket and pick a lovely park to relax in for the day.  Soak it up and enjoy.  If your toddler is old enough, bring a ball to kick around or go to a park with a playground attached.  Some suggestions include: Friary Park, Highgate Woods, Waterlow Park, Primrose Hill (no playground), Parliament Hill Fields.

enjoy a british picnic

3)      Get your bikes out and get a seat for your baby for the back.  This is a fun way to spend a day out,  he / she will love the adventure and excitement of it all.

baby on back of bike

4)      Go on a hike! Use an off road buggy (hire or borrow one if you don’t have), plan a route and push the baby whilst rambling and soaking up the sun.

off road baby buggy

5) Find a restaurant that has a lovely patio.  Head to Richmond and spend the day by the water or try Wimbledon common.  Al fresco is the way to go!

6) Use your own garden for a lovely day: heat up the bbq, invite some friends and sit back and relax!

Sadly, as I type this, the sun seems to have disappeared and the skies are once again grey.  I hope it won’t be long until we can put the above into action!!

What have you done with your baby in the sun? Please share any suggestions of days out or fun activities.



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