Groundhog day! A baby's routine can be never-ending

5 Jun

Do you ever feel like you are reliving the same day with your baby over and over? Something that strikes new mums in the early days is how repetitive the routine can be and how difficult it can be to meet other new mums who will admit that they find some aspects of looking after a baby boring.  But all is not lost…

baby groundhog day


The following can be sung to your favourite melody:

Feed wind change settle
Feed wind change settle
Feed wind change settle
Repeat to fade

Does this sound familiar?  We are guessing it does! This is probably the theme tune to your life as a new mum. And it’s a shock!
feed change wind baby
Of course there are wonderful moments in between each chorus but the mundanity and relentlessness of your newest and most important job yet really can be overwhelming.  This can especially hit home when you previously ran meetings or had an intellectually demanding career or had a busy 9 to 5 job that you truly left behind when you left the office.  The simple fact of your previous achievements vs. your new day to day can knock your confidence.

Spending day after day with your newborn can be very boring and we shouldn’t be afraid to say it. It’s ok to feel like you’re reliving Groundhog Day and it’s also ok to voice this feeling. As mums of 5 kids under 9 years old, we’ve had more than our fair share of Groundhog Day moments and we can assure enough that they become far less frequent as time goes by. That doesn’t mean you should wish the time away; it just means that you can have a big picture focus and realise that the ditty above will soon cover more topics!  An insightful and honest account of admitting out loud how you are truly feeling about parenthood by Steve Wiens helps put things in perspective – having thoughts about ‘escape’ are normal and don’t mean you are a terrible parent!

Here are our top tips for dealing with Groundhog Day:

1. Embrace it! Laugh at the mundanity, relax into your new role and understand that the relentless feeding, changing and winding will end!

2. Find some space! Try wherever possible to hand over the boring baby chores to someone else.

3. Sing! We sing a song about every little mundane baby chore and it makes life more fun, even after a bad night’s sleep.

sing a baby song
4. Get out and about! If your baby takes longer to feed than all our friends’ babies, do this out of your house! Long feeds are much less boring out of your usual environment. In fact, everything is less boring away from home!

5. Mix it up! Meet a friend for lunch, go into town, try a new area, meet up with your postnatal group friends (wink, wink) – the variety will give you a breath of fresh air.

6. Do something for you! Even 5 min to yourself will help, read a book, take a bath, exercise if you can find the energy or do something you enjoyed prior to having your baby.  It will help you feel a little more human.

mum takes a bath
Do you feel like you are reliving the same day over and over with your baby? Any tips for other new mums on how to avoid this?

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