Oh what a night!

28 May

‘Fabulous evening. I learnt a lot & met so many caring, creative, inspiring mothers. What u are doing is superb!’ 

‘Congratulations on a very successful first “night out” for nurturing mums and well done on the vision and courage to start the group.’

Our Nurturing Mums’ night out took place on the 21st May, in north London at the Clissold Arms.  As with everything to do with motherhood and babies, new mums going out for drinks and nibbles, leaving their young babies at home conjures up a range of opinions and critiques. Envy if you haven’t done it yet, judgement if you think mums should be at home 24/7 and pride if you think it’s a brilliant thing to do.

Clissold Arms night out

Our motto is happy mum=happy baby, we truly believe that giving yourself regular opportunities to get dressed (up), get out, feel good and socialise will enable you to feel good day to day and really get the most out of your new role as a mother.


Research shows that new mothers can lack in confidence and feel isolated, especially when the baby is coming up to a year old if they haven’t returned to work. If they are working again, often they feel undervalued and less capable.

So we created an opportunity for all the mums we know to meet like minded women. The venue, the Clissold Arms, was fabulous, convivial and local. There was bubbly and delicious nibbles. The guests were smiling mums, all different, all equal, all pleased to have a night out.
bubbly and nibbles
The speaker was the star attraction; Rebecca Fishman, life coach specialising in maternity coaching was supposed to talk for 20 minutes about the everlasting question of returning to work after the birth of a baby. Her inspiring, upbeat talk became an hour-long interactive workshop with most guests contributing their experience or thoughts on the subject. Rebecca included and respected every kind of mum from full time city employees to full time stay at home mothers. She gave insight and tips and after she concluded, she was surrounded by guests wanting more, like Madonna after a press conference!
Rebecca Fishman lab of self
Vicky Mansour’s MyShowcase beauty pop-up created a stir too, with beautiful niche products reminding us to look after ourselves inside and out!
MyShowcase with Vicky Mansour
There was a raffle with fabulous prizes, mainly donated by companies started by other mumpreneurs like us! Personal training sessions, baby gifts, life coaching session, baby music groups and MyShowcase vouchers were all won. We loved the mutual support in the room for all our businesses.


Walking around the fairy-lit room, the atmosphere was buzzing and conversations we overheard  included highbrow topics like how the face of criminal law is changing in the UK and some women’s experience of unsupportive employers to the more Groundhog Day aspects of motherhood like naps and nappies. Everything was covered and many things were shared. Everything was accepted and nothing was judged or sneered at.

We booked the room from 8-10pm. At 11.15, almost every guest was still there and a final bottle of prosecco was opened! If that’s not a sign of a good night out, then what is?!
Can’t wait for the next one!
Gemma & Elise Nurturing Mums
‘You know it’s a good evening when you’ve told your husband you’ll be home around half past ten, and then you glance at your watch in between bites of samosa and see that it’s quarter past eleven! Was very difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning…’
‘It was great to meet so many inspirational mums.’
Thanks to everyone who made it out, watch this space for the next one coming up soon!  Please add your name below if you’d like to be added to our mailing list to find out about our upcoming events.


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