Review of April postnatal course by one of our Nurtured Mums

13 May

Our review comes from Lucy Ritchie, who attended our Spring babies postnatal course with her baby Lily who was 12 weeks at the start of the course.  Lucy was kind enough to share her experience of attending the course with us…we think that new mums helping other new mums is so important!

After seeing Nurturing Mums on Facebook I thought it sounded like just the type of local support group I was looking for after having my first baby in January and a great opportunity to get out of the house and meet other new mums.

At the first week, Elise and Gemma made us all feel welcome and relaxed and I enjoyed the meet and greet. Straightaway I felt more confident meeting other mums with their babies and it was refreshing to hear that the resounding feeling we all had was that no one told us how hard motherhood would really be! As we discussed the difficulty of feeding, our guilt at moving onto bottles and the real horrors of the milk coming in we all agreed it was hard but our love for the little ones vastly outweighed the sleepless nights.

Felicity Lass, a professional Photographer was at the first meeting which was a lovely touch. It was so exciting to have our first photo shoot with my baby!

Lucy Felicity

I was looking forward to seeing everyone again at the second meeting, especially as I had had a hard week and it was lovely to get reassurance from the other mums.
At the meeting we met Maryanne Taylor from Child Sleep Works.  Maryanne was very well informed and prepared for all our sleep questions, one by one we were able to share our problems and ask questions.  Maryanne explained about sleep cycles, when and how to nap during the day, how to soothe, bedtime routines and sleep cues. Other mums recommended the sleep aids they found useful, which is always a great recommendation.

Sleep session Maryanne Taylor

After this session I felt reassured that I was using the right methods  with the bedtime routine and found Maryanne’s advice useful, in regards to nap times and after following this advice I am pleased to report improvement with my baby’s cat napping!

During the third week the group met Julia Wolman from Teeny Tummies who advised us about weaning. I was very interested in this subject as this was something that was on the horizon for my baby.

Julia helped me identity my feelings of excitement and confusion when it came to weaning. I felt excited to start weaning and had planned on starting it early, but after talking to Julia, I have decided to wait until 6 months or for my daughter to show me the signs that she is ready whichever comes first. Julia’s blog was also useful and helped me plan a strategy of a mixture of finger food and spoon feeding as this will work best for my family and is practical for the future.

Sociable time with Nurturing Mu

In week four the session was slightly different as we had a taste of a Movers and Shakers class with Gabi Maddocks, which was lovely and the babies loved it. My daughter had huge smiles with all the singing, signing and bubbles! Gabi also introduced us to treasure baskets, a selection of safe but interesting objects for our babies to discover. A great idea which I am looking forward to doing.

Movers & Shakers session

Tomorrow is our pamper session with Spa by Car, which I can’t wait for! What will I choose, eyebrow threading, painted nails or a massage?

I will be sad when the course finishes, as each week I look forward to seeing everyone, getting advice from the experts and learning something new, but I’m sure it won’t be too long till I see the other mums and babies again soon.  I have already exchanged numbers with some of the other mums and have made plans to meet up, so the course has been a success on many different fronts!

Group shot Nurturing Mums


Our April group of London mums 

Doesn’t it look like fun? Wouldn’t it be great to meet other new local mums and get support in the early days?


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