How to take a perfect photo of your baby

31 Mar

Felicity Lass is a photographer in north London who takes natural and beautiful prints of babies, toddlers and children.  She is our professional on hand to take photos at our postnatal courses, giving the new mums a precious mum and baby photo to treasure long after the course is completed! 

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From a tiny bubba….to a growing toddler….to a cheeky little boy….all in the space of 5 years!!

My goodness children grow fast!! Blink and suddenly your tiny little baby is walking, talking and off to school. I have always wanted to have as much of a record as possible of these early days so that I (and my children) can look back on them with fondness in years to come.  It is as a result of having children that my love of photography grew and my passion for taking pictures that really capture their individual personalities grows daily. This passion not only applies to my own children but also to other people’s children and the thing I love most about my job is providing parents with images of their children that make them smile, laugh and sometimes cry!

I work with the best equipment and editing tools so that I can provide my clients with a top quality service but you don’t need to have fancy equipment in order to take some great pictures of your kids. Knowing a few simple techniques can help transform your pictures from great snaps to stunning portraits.

Here are my top 3 tips for taking great pictures of your children…

Tip #1Always use natural light and never use your flash.

Photography is all about light. All my photography is done using natural light. In my opinion it is the only way to go. It is so flattering and creates beautiful images that simply cannot be achieved when the flash is used. Turn all the lights out, place your subject as close to your light source as possible (a window or door) and shoot with the light behind you facing your subject.

Tip #2: Focus on the eyes!!

When you first meet someone, the first thing you look at is their eyes. I believe it’s the first thing you look at when viewing a portrait as well. The starting point to any good portrait, as well lighting, is to achieve sharp, focussed eyes. It is extremely important that you focus on your child’s eyes, more specifically their iris, when taking your photo.

Tip #3: Be creative with your angles

The angle at which a photo is taken can either make or break a photo.  For example, most photos of children generally involve the shot taken from adult head height looking down at the child. If you squat down so you are at the same level of the child you will be able to better focus on the eyes resulting in a much more intimate and interesting photograph. If you want your photos to stand out always look for a different or unusual angle from which to shoot, this is the easiest and most effective way of making your photos more intriguing.

Also make sure you have your camera near you at all times. You don’t want to be constantly kicking yourself for missing that magic moment. Good luck!!

Let us know if you use any of Felicity’s tips to photograph your baby and how the shots come out.

Felicity ‘s photo shoots take place in the comfort of your own home or a venue of your choice. Each session aims to be as fun and relaxed as possible and usually takes around an hour. Take a look at her website and Facebook page for more details.





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