Prepare to prepare for your new bundle of joy

19 Mar

Having a baby: Preparation is key, or is it?!

So you’re pregnant, the bun is in the oven, cooking away nicely and all you have to do is wait patiently until he/she decides to make an appearance.  That’s it!  Pif paf poof!

pregnant mum-to-be preparation

Or maybe not!

The tiniest person is going to arrive and turn your world upside down in ways you cannot yet imagine.  We think a little preparation goes a long way. There are different levels of preparation of course…

The military precision mum-to-be: Lists are drawn up, every star-rated baby-related gadget is researched, tested and then purchased, the wardrobe is filled with a year’s worth of clothes for the Little One and the hospital  bag is packed in the first trimester. Not to mention a name has been picked out before this baby was conceived!

The middle-of-the road mum-to-be: As this mum get towards her due date, she will slowly get a few essentials together.  She will ask a few friends, borrow some stuff, and maybe even have painted the nursery.

The fly by the seat of her pants mum-to-be: A few bits are thrown into a sports bag whilst puffing through her first contractions.

Which category will you fit into?  You will, no doubt, receive endless pieces of advice from friends, family and even total strangers on the Tube.  Everyone wants a piece of a pregnant lady, whether it’s to feel your bump and guess the sex of your baby, to inform you of the best way to feed your baby, what to eat for your milk supply, which bottles are best, which buggy and carseat are the ‘one’ and countless other tidbits that make your eyes boggle and head swim!  Sometimes, it feels like you aren’t ‘allowed’ to do anything that you choose, it is all up to the pregnancy police! (Read here for a very funny take on dos and don’ts in pregnancy.)

Are you ready to give birth?

Here are Nurturing Mums’ recommendations for a perfectly pleasant pre-birth preparation:

  1. Jot down a few essentials; no need for Operation Baby Equipment, but there is something to be said for having the basics at home before baby arrives.  Suggestions are car seat, buggy, steriliser, bottles, babygros, cot / Moses basket and nappies.  Extras can include: playmat, muslins, blankets, bedding.
  2. If you do get a buggy beforehand, make sure you or your partner knows how to use it, to avoid the rite of passage that every new mum goes through – the buggy struggle in a carpark whilst your baby is screaming for a feed!  Might also be a good idea to check that it fits in the car boot, that it’s not too heavy and that it can be stored in your front hallway!
  3. Have some good options for names agreed upon before baby arrives.  You never know, you might change your mind at the last minute!
  4. Get someone else to prepare your hospital bag for you – MyHospitalBag does a phenomenal job! They take all of the hassle out of getting ready for your stay in hospital – no running around, no online shopping, no forgotten items.
  5. Book a Nurturing Mums postnatal course so you can chat, learn and relax with other new mums in your local area!  We recommend booking this before you have the baby, because we think your mind might be elsewhere in the first few weeks once he / she arrives!

I got so much advice; I just started tuning out.  If one more person told me what I had to do when the baby comes, I was going to shoot ‘em!  Kate Hudson, Hollywood actress

celebrity pregnancy

 Have we missed any great preparation advice for a mum-to-be about to have a baby??


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