Look good, feel good – guest post by SpabyCar

16 Mar

We are really pleased to have SpabyCar give us some tips for looking and feeling good as new mums.  It is not always easy to worry about your own appearance when you are sleep deprived and covered in baby sick!  SpabyCar is our mobile spa who provide us with mini manicures and mini massages at our pampering sessions.  

Routines; this time for you, not for baby!

A new baby is truly a wonderful gift, but the exhaustion that comes as a ‘free gift’ is not so welcome.  Exhaustion brings its own added extras like tired, puffy eyes, washed-out looking skin and of course a lack of time to dedicate to yourself.  Magazines are full of glossy photos of celebrity mums looking picture perfect, coiffed, made-up and glamorous.  The editors surely can’t be mums themselves, or they wouldn’t rub these photos in our faces!  Beauty isn’t everything, but it sure can help.  Looking good makes us feel good, so why shouldn’t new mums put some time aside for themselves on a regular basis to help them look and feel like the ‘yummy mummy’ they are inside?

Post baby bod Claire Danes

Post baby bod Claire Danes

We hear so much about how a routine is good for babies, but what about for mums?  No, no, we don’t mean regular nap times, we mean regular pampering!  Developing the right beauty routine is like riding a bike: once you get into it, you’ll never forget and you’ll feel lost without it.

Of course it’s easy to let your beauty regime slip when a baby comes along and life is at its most hectic, so we’ve put together a list of quick and easy must-have treatments for face, body (and sanity!) to help busy mummies get their essential ‘me time.’

Every 2-4 weeks: Gel manicure & pedicure. It’s amazing how beautiful and ‘together’ painted nails can make you look and feel!  Regardless of the bags under your eyes from sleepless nights, manicured hands will make you feel like a $1,000,000!  Gel manicures dry quickly and don’t chip when you wash up baby’s bottles or open Calpol security strips, plus they can last several weeks too – win, win!  Don’t forget your tootsies either and book a pedicure for a special treat!  Even during winter months, you may be the only seeing your feet, but a pedicure can do wonders for an overall feel-good.


Every 3-4 weeks: Bikini, leg and underarm wax & eyebrow and lip threading. Hairless mummy = happy, confident mummy!  Whatever your hair-removal method of choice, you’ll feel like a new pin when your skin is as smooth as your baby’s bottom!

Every 4-6 weeks: Tinting. Eyelash tints typically last for seven weeks tops, so we recommend getting your lashes coloured once every four to six weeks. Tinting is great for adding depth of colour to lashes, leaving your eyes looking wide and bright without having to resort to excessive mascara or fake lashes.  This will shave minutes off your make-up routine and make you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning whatever kind of night you’ve had with your cherub!

Top tip: use a mobile beauty therapist like Spabycar so you can be pampered at home in your cosies, instead of having to get out to a salon.  It’s quicker, more convenient and how lovely to be able to enjoy the pampering and go straight to bed afterwards!  It’s an opportunity to grab some much needed rest and relaxation. Remember: no matter how busy you are or how tired you feel, there’s always time for a bit of pampering.

comfy bed

Contact  Spabycar on 020 7209 2396 spa by car


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