Craniosacral therapy for babies

6 Mar

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You are at your wit’s end…your baby has colic and nothing has worked! You have heard of craniosacral therapy, but aren’t sure about it! Is it gentle? How does it work? Today’s guest post is to answer some of your questions about craniosacral therapy as an option for treatment.

Tanya Goodman Bailey is a craniosacral therapist working across North London.  She does visits in the comfort of your own home!  She will be working with us in order to give our Nurturing Mums a chance to benefit from her treatments. 

nurturing mums baby cranial

Mums usually bring their babies to me for craniosacral therapy through a recommendation from another mum or following a successful session with an older sibling. There doesn’t always need to be an ailment; some come for a health check or as a treat as it is a very relaxing time for babies, which mums of course love!

The first session begins by talking about the birth and how any intervention may have affected both mum and newborn. More and more mothers seem to be getting induced, yet some mums do not think to see this as an intervention.  I have found in practice that it is the induced babies that tend require and respond the most to treatment.  Sometimes, shock or trauma can be felt (amongst other sensations) as a contracted state in either the tissue or fluid body.  In turn, this may impede digestive function or the ability to fall asleep easily. Light sleepers tend to give birth to infants that adopt the same tone in their nervous systems as mum. I am a thorough believer in this saying: ‘When mum is OK the rest of the household soon follows’.

If the mum has come into the room overwhelmed by the birth or initial mothering experience, this may need to be given top priority to resolve, often by her telling her pregnancy and birth story before any treatment on their baby begins. Once everyone is settled or in a more neutral state (often when the baby is feeding or sleeping) then we can treat the baby.

So how does it work?

For healing to begin there has to be an element of calm, a sense of ‘OK’ and centredness. Then with a very light touch, it is possible for a craniosacral therapist to sense the vitality that is already present in the baby;  whether their system feels stuck or compressed and whether something is working too hard. Because we are all sensitive to our health being followed or listened to in this way (similar to knowing when someone behind you is looking at you, perhaps) a gentle self regulated healing process occurs and the babies’ expression of optimal health returns. By self regulated, I refer to the important fact that baby leads the treatment, there is no manipulation.

Birth Process

Sometimes there may have to be a birth process to express itself… this is when the baby looks like it is still carrying a pattern of what happened during the birth.  Once the pattern is expressed and met with a more comforting outcome, the baby tends to seem very relieved and often falls into a deep sleep.  Sometimes mums then say that they have never seen their baby look so relaxed for so long. Mum and baby have been heard, their story matters. All is well.

These birth traumas hold more of an emotional cause for symptoms in the body but some mums come in with ideal birth scenarios and contended babies apart from a certain distress they can not figure out. Here we treat just on a physical level; a baby’s head, neck and spine may just need to realign itself and this is facilitated through the light, non manipulating touch.

On a finishing note, craniosacral therapists primarily relate to the health present in a client’s system. I am often amazed how resilient we are and how well we respond to reconnecting to our own vital energy.

To make a home visit appointment contact Tanya at

or call 0797 7070 187 or visit her website 

Low Cost Clinic at Coppetts Wood Childrens Centre on Tuesdays 1-3 0208 883 0248


2 Responses to “Craniosacral therapy for babies”

  1. Alice (@mumsmakelists) March 10, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

    Really interesting post – we suffered so much with colic.

    Would love for you to link up at the Baby Shower a linky party for all things pregnancy and new baby, Alice x

  2. Anonymous April 3, 2013 at 8:57 am #

    Great blog post.

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