I’ve had my baby … what shall I do now?

28 Feb

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You’ve carried your baby for the best part of 9 months, you’ve delivered him, brought him home, been showered with love, gifts and attention, your partner has shared every minute with you…and then…

BOOM…normal life resumes!

relaxed mum

For everyone else that is…you, meanwhile, have had your life turned upside down and inside out and as the expression goes, you’re left holding the baby!

You quickly establish that feeding, changing and sleeping take up the bulk of the day.  You also establish that you are spending far too much time spying on ‘old friends’ on Facebook, internet shopping and surfing the net to find out what your baby ‘should’ be doing at his age.  The days pass in a blur and you realise you are doing nothing productive, constructive or remotely normal!

addicted to facebook

Stop right there!

Get up, get dressed, shut down the computer and make some plans.  Routine or no routine, you need to get out and about.  Don’t be put off by the weather.  There are plenty of great things to do with your baby, whether he is asleep in the pram or sling, awake and crying, feeding or looking around.  Even rrom newborn age, your baby will absorb his surroundings, so it is as good for him to be out as it is for you.  You will find yourself brighter and happier outside your home than inside, even after a sleepless night.

So, bundle up your bundle and try out some of the following:

  1. Take a walk in a local park
  2. Mooch down a high street
  3. Meet up with NCT friends
  4. Try out some baby music groups (more details in an upcoming post)
  5. Join a sociable postnatal group (Nurturing Mums of course)! This will give you something to do every week, add some structure to your schedule and will make you friends for the future!!

Chat, learn and relax with Nurturing Mums at our spring course, starting April 16th in North London.  Email us for more info: nurturingmums@gmail.com.  Fill in the form below and we will send you new course details.

Nurturing Mums postnatal group


One Response to “I’ve had my baby … what shall I do now?”

  1. London Culture Blog (@culturebloggers) March 1, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

    My mum told me this funny story when she first had my brother: she came home with him from the hospital and he quickly soiled his nappy, she immediately called her mother to find out what to do!! Of course, the answer was to change him!! Just shows it doesn’t matter how ready you are to have a baby, there are always unanswered questions!

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