New baby, new career?

12 Feb

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Mumpreneurs, kitchen table tycoons – whatever we call them, there is a growing number of mothers who start a new career when they become a mother.  There can be many reasons: lack of reasonable childcare, job dissatisfaction,  scheduling difficulties, and the all consuming guilt!  In early motherhood we often think it is a time when the brain is stifled; however, it seems that motherhood breeds some excellent business ideas.  Self-employment or entrepreneurship can also partner very well with a work-life balance, rather than commuting to an office daily.

Use your maternity leave wisely to enjoy these precious moments with your little one, but if an interesting idea pops into your head, then embrace it, explore it and don’t be nervous to see where it takes you.  Let’s reinvent the term Baby Brain with a positive spin!

Some of the most successful businesses of our time were set up by women at home, whilst their baby napped peacefully.  Ultimo, MySingleFriend, Obelisk Legal Support and Sweet Dreamers cover a wide range of industries, with one common denominator; women leaders!

Childcare fees can be daunting and time is precious, but we say seize the day. Grab a pen and paper (or iPad with stylus for the 21st century) and get cracking.  Maybe you’ll be up for a Mumpreneur Award next year!


Top tips for success whilst working at home (with a little bundle in tow)

1. Don’t mix up mummying with working; in our experience, it’s extremely difficult to do both things WELL together.  It is far better to separate your roles and dedicate quality time to each one.

2. Don’t expect your little one to sit quietly whilst you tap, tap, tap on your computer, or make important calls.  He or she is likely to wreak age-appropriate havoc whilst you are trying to concentrate.  Don’t be cross, this is the only way he knows to grab your attention.  If you really have a deadline or something extremely important to get done, put some toys together on the floor beside you for your baby to play with.

3. Make a plan; any business needs a business plan, but a working mum also needs a schedule.  Work when your baby naps, or when you have someone else to help you with childcare.  Evenings can be a great time to get work done, if you’re not too sleep deprived!

4. Working and mummying can be extremely rewarding, but very tiring too.  Don’t forget to look after YOU too, whether it’s taking a bath, popping out with a friend one evening, having dinner with your partner, or just crashing out in front of some reality TV!  If you are calm and refreshed, your baby will be happier and your business will thrive!


One Response to “New baby, new career?”

  1. footymummy3 February 28, 2013 at 2:19 pm #

    Love your tips for working at home, I tried number 1, now I’ve moved onto number 3 – so true!

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