Getting out and about in the cold with a baby

8 Feb

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It’s freezing – the wind is blowing, the air is sharp, gloves don’t seem to be doing a thing to keep your fingers warm…it feels much more sensible to stay indoors and not venture outside.  At all!  Our basic instincts tell us to keep out of the cold, eat hearty foods and hibernate! However, your little one begs to differ.  Your baby is cranky, has cabin fever and wants out.  What to do?

Being Canadian and living there for the first 27 years of my life, I feel that I can shed some light on the subject of accepting the cold weather.  After all, this isn’t really that cold is it? Try -18 degrees on for size and then tell me if it’s cold today!! In any event, these handy tips will help you embrace the cold and maybe even enjoy it!

1)      Bundle up really really warm and go for a nice long walk with the baby.  I’m talking real thermals, a hat that covers your ears, a thick scarf and proper boots.  You may not look stylish, but who cares when you are warm?


2)      Have a really decadent hot chocolate at home waiting for you for when you come in from a cold day out. Ok, some chocolate brownies too!


3)      Invest in a snuggle blanket (e.g. Snugglebundl) for the baby’s car seat, where you can wrap baby up warm and snug while you are out, but that you can loosen easily once you are indoors without waking them up!

4)      Take a walk / adventure with your partner.  It is always fun to do things as a family.

5)      Try an outdoor activity class like Pushy Mothers, a boot camp or going for a winter run.  I know this sounds mad, but you will feel amazing after, both for exercising and for being outdoors.

6)      Layer up – a lot of people don’t know this, but the more you layer, the warmer you’ll be!

Woman out walking in the cold

Hopefully by the time you put these tips into action, it will have warmed up!!

Why not join our next postnatal group starting 12 March to get out and about, with a cup of coffee / tea, lots of lovely mums, and advice from our expert guest speakers.  Please leave your details below for more info.



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