Making Valentine’s Day romantic with a baby

31 Jan

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Is it possible to keep the romance alive when you have a newborn or small baby? At Nurturing Mums, we certainly think so.  It might not be easy; after all, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, dream feeds, and not fitting into anything you actually feel looks good might put a small damper on your idea of the perfect romantic evening.  With a little creativity however, we think you can make it your best Valentine’s Day ever!

Valentine's Day with a baby

Some tips:

Try staying in…M&S does a great dinner range, stay in for £10 – included is a bottle of wine and a pudding! What could be easier? Light some candles, set the table up nicely and enjoy a meal in instead of paying inflated prices at a restaurant.

Or why not try… where you can even order a gourmet dinner from a professional chef and eat it in your home! Or even better, hire one of their chefs to cook for you in your home, a restaurant brought to you

Plan a meal beforehand, get an online delivery to make it easier, and do some cooking! Often new mothers put cooking aside, but it might be fun to get back into the kitchen to wow your partner.  Print up a menu on fancy paper and set the table using your wedding china!  There is also lots to find on the Facebook Recipe club (, a great resource of tips and recipes by other mums.

staying in

If baby needs a feed, incorporate it into your dinner.  Take a break after starters to feed and settle the baby and then sit back down for your main course.  Enjoy a slow, leisurely dinner.

Too tired? Try to have an early dinner so you can still get to bed at a decent time or postpone Valentine’s Day to the weekend and celebrate at a pub for a lovely pub lunch.  Try any of these baby-friendly pubs, as suggested by mums on our Facebook page:

  • Three Crown’s pub in Stoke Newington
  • The Salisbury on Green Lanes
  • 3 compasses in Aldenham
  • The Bohemia in North Finchley
  • Adam & Eve in Mill Hill

Make a romantic gesture – make a list of all the new things you love about each other now that you’ve become parents and read them out to each other.  Talk about your growing family and what you are enjoying and finding challenging too.

Whether you stay in or venture out, go for it – yes, it’s a commercialized holiday that is overblown and a bit stagey, but who cares?? Have fun, be romantic and enjoy your first Valentine’s Day as a family of 3!


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