New Year, new and improved Mum?

17 Jan

Along with countdowns, toasts and celebrations on New Year’s Eve, come the dreaded New Year’s resolutions.  I say dreaded only because they are usually short-lived and destined to make you feel worse (not better) when you inevitably break them after a short time.  Can we really make drastic changes to ourselves, our lifestyles, our routines? Should we even try or is this an exercise in failure?


At Nurturing Mums, we encourage the mums who attend our groups to chat, learn and relax!  We know how tough motherhood can be, especially in the early stages.  Therefore, we propose an alternative to traditional resolutions: do things to ‘facilitate change’ by promising to make steps towards improving a situation you are in.  This way you are setting yourself up for success rather than failure – you are allowing yourself to reach a goal without changing your principles.  For example, instead of making resolutions to lose weight by a specific date, maybe you could take a step towards your goal by joining a gym or an exercise group.  Make sense?


Can we apply this to our little ones?  Some common issues mums face that could be subject to New Year’s resolutions are:

A baby who won’t transition from breast to bottle

A baby who refuses to sleep through the night

Babies or children who have established habits such as refusing food or sleeping in your bed that you’d like to change

We could apply the alternative to resolutions for all of the above scenarios.  Instead of resolving to have your baby sleeping through the night by next week, why not investigate different methods towards this goal and commit to one of them? Seems like you’ll probably get there in the end, without all the frustration!

It is easy to look to yourself if your baby hasn’t reached certain milestones at the exact time you thought they would….however, we need to remember that all babies are different, and there are no exacts when it comes to parenting.  However, if and when a baby doesn’t easily transition to the next step, this could be a good time to call in the experts.   At Nurturing Mums, we have benefitted from the experience and expertise of various experts in their respective fields and are always pointing mums towards these amazing resources.

So……instead of making resolutions to become a superhuman mummy, give yourself a break.  Try to find solutions to what it is you are facing by asking other mums, joining a postnatal group, trying it online or give an expert a call to get some help!  Treat yourself to mummy time or something that inspires you, and you might find yourself in a position where you don’t feel the need to make New Year’s resolutions!


Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Have you kept them or not followed through? What do you think of our suggestion to ‘facilitate change’?



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