Surviving the festive season with a baby

20 Dec

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Season’s Greetings!

Whilst the world is preparing for the season’s festivities, ordering enormous turkeys, buying Christmas presents, decorating trees and mulling the wine, new mums may well have other things on their mind.
xmas decorations
What if my baby gets tired or grumpy in the middle of Christmas dinner?  What if lunch clashes with his/her nap time? How will I breast feed at my in-laws with lots of distant relatives around? How do I fend off all hot hands who want a cuddle with the latest addition?

These are all reasonable and relevant questions. More importantly, they can all be dealt with, with a little planning!

Think about how important your baby’s routine is to you (and your partner) or if you might be prepared to ‘wing it’ for one or two days of festivities.

Nurturing Mums has put together a small guide to help you get through the holidays in one piece! Tips:

1. Take more equipment (nappies, bottles, wipes, puree etc.) than you will need, in case the festivities go on longer than anticipated – then you won’t be worried about having to rush off.  Equally, pre-warn relatives that a baby who won’t settle, who won’t sleep, who won’t eat, might mean you do have to leave early – this may prevent any hurt feelings.

2. If you’re breast feeding, wear practical clothing and take a cover-up if you’re anxious about being somewhere unfamiliar.  Or bring something to read if you need to go feed in another room.  If you’d like to have a glass of mulled wine or bubbly and you are breastfeeding, current research shows that one or two glasses won’t affect the baby.  (To read a bit more about alcohol and breastfeeding, this link has some up-to-date info.)

3. Don’t be afraid to say ‘you can have a cuddle a little later-the baby is tired/hungry now.’  People may seem disappointed but stand your ground!

cuddling baby

4. Talk to your partner about concerns before you go.  It may help to avoid later confrontations with your in-laws!

5.  Think about bringing a travel cot so that the baby can nap if necessary without you feeling anxious that they won’t get a proper rest.  Then you can sit back and relax during nap time!

6. Enjoy your baby’s first Christmas, take lots of pictures and have a glass of bubbly!

glass of champers

Let us know how your baby’s first Christmas goes or please share any tips for new mums with us!!


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