All I want for Christmas is….to not have a baby!

10 Dec

christmas baby would be nice

For those mums-to-be who are pregnant and due at Christmas time, they must be quite eager to have a holiday baby!  Or are they?  Sharing your birthday with a holiday as big as Christmas, can’t be easy.  To start, there are the presents…do you ever get a proper birthday present or is it just thrown into the mix with all of the Christmas presents and sneakily passed off as a birthday gift?  Next, does anyone actually care about your birthday when they are dreaming of mince pies, trees with tinsel and turkey with stuffing?  If your birthday doesn’t fall on Christmas and then ends up being on  New Year’s, that is even worse!  New Year’s Eve is a huge celebration and your birthday is sure to get lost in the countdown!!  So…in light of this dilemma, I have compiled a list of how to make a Christmas or New Year baby’s birthday special, as a baby will come when it’s ready!!

1)      Make a special advent calendar for the child’s birthday.  Fill it with chocolates or toys and have a special present in the last slot.

2)      Pick a birthday theme completely unrelated to Christmas.  Pick a character or sport and make the party all about that theme.

3)      Move the party until a few weeks before Christmas so that the celebrations are not confused.

4)      Make a spectacular birthday cake that will wow everyone and change the focus back to the birthday boy / girl.

amazing cake

Keep in mind, babies conceived on or around the 3rd of April end up being born around Christmas time (read here about how to avoid a Christmas baby).  Maybe a little planning (skip that month of trying) might go a long way?  Whenever a baby is born it is reason to celebrate, so don’t despair if your baby is born on Christmas or New Year.  Just make sure it’s not on your own birthday!!

Do any of you have a birthday that falls on Christmas?  Or one of your kids? How have you fared?





One Response to “All I want for Christmas is….to not have a baby!”

  1. Gabi Maddocks December 16, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    My birthday is 22nd December. As a child I didn’t mind – that time of year just seemed magical to me. My mum always made an amazing ‘house’ cake with Santa going down the chimney. As an adult I find I don’t bother celebrating my birthday at all. Everyone’s so tied up with Christmas that I don’t want to impose! My husband tries to make my birthday special and it has become a funny tradition to cover up the Christmas tree with a sheet and ban the word Christmas on the 22nd – but actually I don’t really mind. Christmas and birthdays are or kids, I reckon…

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