Current postnatal group in full swing – mums are loving it!

28 Nov

So far, so great!

We are already halfway through our Nurturing Mums course and we are so pleased with how it is going.

nurturing mums postnatal session

Four mums joined us last week for our first Meet and Greet session.  We spent the hour (and a bit longer!) getting to know each other and our babies, who ranged from a teeny 11 days old to a bouncing 6 month old, with just one baby flying the flag for the girls!  The babies behaved beautifully as we tucked into pastries, sipped coffee and shared our baby-related experiences.  Sleep-deprivation, speed-walking in the rain, surviving on coffee, labour stories and loving ‘that first smile’ were all on the agenda.  We all left smiling and looking forward to meeting again the following week.  Felicity Lass photography took some amazing photos of the mums with their babies, which will be amazing keepsakes of both their time with Nurturing Mums and this stage of motherhood.


Three more mums and their little ones joined us for our Sleep Session, led by sleep expert Maryanne Taylor of Child Sleep Works.  What an emotive topic sleep is … the 7 of us, whose children range from 17 days to 8 years old, listened intently to Maryanne’s advice.  She gave us some brilliant tips, from how to drop the middle-of-the-night feed (or feeds!) to how to settle an overtired baby and also taught us about sleep cues, sleep windows, sleep hormones and the importance of daytime naps.  The babies who are currently depriving their parents of good quality sleep and who are not getting enough sleep themselves were on best behaviour again and allowed us to have a really good discussion.  Maryanne answered all of our questions and left us her details in case we need more help!

We are now looking ahead to our next session, with Julia Wolman from Teeny Tummies.  Julia is going to help us understand the importance of nutrition for us mummies (saving us from existing solely on coffee and pastries) and discuss how to recognise when our babies are ready for something more interesting than the white stuff!  She will hit on baby-led weaning as well, as this is a hot topic for mums at the moment.

Don’t worry if you haven’t already joined Nurturing Mums; you can still book a place on the next session (4th December at the Clissold Arms, East Finchley) at just £10. Let us know if you would like to come along – email for more details.

Happy mummies = happy babies!

Please fill in the form below if you are interested in joining our next group – start date 29 January!



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