‘Extreme Motherhood’ – are we too competitive?

11 Nov

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Nowadays, there seems to be endless competition when it comes to parenting our children. Every Sunday, we are presented with articles from the newspaper supplements, with supposed expert advice from a variety of consultants.  Topics range from the best way to parent to the worst way to parent, from what we can do to get our children to succeed to how they will be destined for failure if we don’t act now (etc. etc.)  From the time we are pregnant to when we have a small baby all the way through toddler-hood, we are presented with an abundance of methods, techniques, toys and classes to choose from to ‘develop’ our babies’ skills from a young age.  It sometimes feels that if your child isn’t enrolled in a class a day and stimulated all the time, then you are somehow labelled a bad parent!

Nurturing mums

When we at Nurturing Mums first became mums (we now have 5 children between us), we talked to our own mothers about parenting in their days – eyebrows were raised and they continuously made the same point loud and clear: ‘Baby groups? Gym classes? No such thing; we got together with friends, walked you in your prams, let you sleep in the garden even in winter and allowed you to develop in your own time.   No schedules, no pressure.  We don’t understand the competition that you have to deal with about everything from when your baby sleeps, how you feed them, how much they weighh and when they crawl. When do you get time to enjoy them?’

Then we read this article by comedienne Miranda Hart: Save us from Extreme Motherhood.  It confirmed a lot of what we had already thought.

What is going on in our society that such competition exists? Why should it be good or bad if a toddler speaks more than one language? Why does it matter what a mummy wears to drop her kids at nursery?  Who cares how clean your car is? How many instruments does a child have to play to fit in?

Nurturing Mums instrumentsAt Nurturing Mums, we provide a warm, welcoming environment where all kinds of mummies can bring their babies to discuss various aspects of parenting and a range of baby-related issues without prejudice, without judgement and without competition.  At Nurturing Mums, we don’t care when  your baby sleeps through the night, we just  want to help you get some sleep.  At Nurturing Mums we don’t care how quickly you lose your baby weight, we just want to help give you the tools to achieve this more easily.  We have a number of experts in their fields coming to offer advice and through group conversations and question and answer periods, we aim to help our mummies be relaxed and happy, thus leading to happy babies and a happy home!

If you have a baby between 6 weeks and 6 months, why not join us for our next Nurturing Mums course, starting on 20th November?  Email us now at nurturingmums@gmail.com to secure your place at 50% off; only £32.50!

Have you read Miranda Hart’s article?  Do you think that competition between mums has gotten out of hand?


One Response to “‘Extreme Motherhood’ – are we too competitive?”


  1. What do new mums talk about when they get together? - August 27, 2014

    Watch out mums, it can get competitive (for no good reason); don’t get stressed over your baby’s every move, they will develop in their own time!

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