Why join Nurturing Mums postnatal group?

21 Oct

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Congratulations, you’ve just had a baby! So, now what?

The baby is 6 weeks old.  All your guests and visitors have left.  Your partner is back to work.  You have walked up to the shops too many times to count.  You are covered in baby sick, you do nothing but feed, change nappies, put the baby to sleep, and then do it all again.  Yikes, no-one told you you’d feel like this!!

Having a new baby and becoming a first time mum can be at turns the most exciting time of your life – and the most challenging, jaw-dropping, difficult and frustrating time as well.  Not only is there so much advice from books, blogs, websites, forums, other parents, your own mother, but babies don’t always fit into any specific category and may not respond accordingly to what you expected or planned.

With my first baby, I found it hard to get out of the house in under two hours.  I found it difficult to get dressed before 2 pm, if even at all.  I found it difficult to breastfeed, difficult to read her cries, difficult to know whether to put her on a schedule or to let her create her own.  I wished I had a support network, mums who I could talk to and discuss the ups and downs of my new life with, and ‘experts’ who could gently guide me in the right direction.

Thus, Nurturing Mums was born! We have started a postnatal group to help meet some of the needs you are missing when you first become a mum – friendship, a listening ear, help, support and relaxation!  We want to provide you with a sociable network, a place you can make new friends for life.  We believe a happy mum will lead to a happy baby.

So come and join Nurturing Mums postnatal group – meet new mums, get out of the house, enjoy a cup of tea and learn from our brilliant guest speakers.  Details of our first group below:

Nurturing Mums is pleased to announce the next 4 week course will be half price for all mums – a huge savings at £32.50 only!

The sessions will take place on Tuesdays from 10.30am -11.30am for 4 consecutive weeks starting on the 20th of November.

Venue: The Clissold Arms, East Finchley, where there is plenty of room for buggies, babies and mums! There will be an opportunity to get coffee / tea, chat with other mums, learn from our guest speakers and make new friends in your local area.

Sessions are (subject to change):

1) Meet and greet
2) Feeding and nutrition
3) Sleeping and routines
4) Pamper morning

The course must be paid in full to secure your spot!! Spaces limited, book now to avoid disappointment.

Email: nurturingmums@gmail.com

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